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Curious Arts Festival 2016

So I expect you are all wondering, did I manage to see all of the things I hoped to at the Curious Arts Festival?

curious arts festival programme

Well, no. But I experienced all I needed. We arrived on the Friday and the cricket match was in full swing already, sadly it's a short walk form the camp site and the main festival site, and after pitching the tent in the scorching sunshine all I fancied was a snooze and an ice cold beer! Couple with the fact we had the small puppy with us (and she was panting in the shade) we decided to miss the cricket in favour of total non exertion.

Curious Arts - what I want to see most

Last year I missed the Friday at the Curious Arts Festival as DD was still at school, this year as a teen she has finished her GCSEs and so we will be there for the opening at 12 noon.

This means that hopefully we can catch the Curious Arts cricket match, as while I don't like watching cricket on TV I do love a live match, especially at a festival, with gin...

Outdoor Food on Friday - 31st July 2015

This post will be appearing as if by magic while I am actually eating food outdoors! I am at Camp Bestival this weekend. Looking forward to lots of eating outside and drinking of course. I shall look forward to sharing my photos when I get back next week.

As I set this to go live on the blog at 9am I'm going to assume I just woke up in my tent and I'm either

  1. Boiling water for coffee
  2. Wandering about to see if anyone is selling bacon
  3. Eating a pot of instant porridge
  4. Drinking a breakfast drink of vodka and cranberry.
It probably depends on the weather to be honest!

But hopefully whatever else I get up to at the festival I will have time to meet some other bloggers and online friends, sharing some proper quality time chatting, eating and drinking together.

I'm also hoping to catch a talk about food for camping by Genevieve Taylor author of How to Eat Outside because if that doesn't sound like my sort of thing, then what does?!

Have you been cooking or eating outside this week? Have you blogged about it? I'd love you to link up.
Do grab a badge for your blog and join up using the linky below. Spread the word!.

Outdoor Food on Friday

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