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Exciting bucket list news

As you may (or may not) know, while I am a tent enthusiast, my teen daughter is less so. For years she has craved a camper van, but at over £10,000 for even a tiny second hand one they were never an option for me. After all, I'm a 'grab a second hand tent for under £30 on eBay' kind of girl normally. (i.e. cheap)

But then last year it rained at Camp Bestival and we spent more time in the tent and were wetter and colder and muddier than normal.

Now don't get me wrong, a festival in the rain is still a festival and still awesome. I still loved the bands and the drinking and the mooching about. Even the mud is a fun experience, but as I am getting older I need to sit more and to sit comfortably and while we did have the 'sofa' I sometimes crave a 'proper seat'...if only it had been drier the Caravanserai would have been perfect!

Last year I had actually had a hunt around for a camper van, but most companies wanted you to rent for at least a week, and also they had set changeover days (which is fine of course and makes perfect sense for a holiday business) this is useless for a festival, many festivals start midweek or near the end of a week and yet finish on a Monday, so a Saturday - Saturday rule would mean hiring for two weeks! and some charged £800 a to then tent.

And then I found Leisure Rentals Direct, a bit like AirBnB but for camper vans. A perfect place for camper van owners to make a little money renting out vans that might otherwise sit idle, and a great place for me to hire a camper!

Not all of the vans are privately owned, but many are and most have really flexible hiring terms, with minimums often only a couple of days and totally flexible start dates. They are listed all over the country so that you can choose one near you, or drive to your chosen start point and collect the camper there! (a brilliant idea if collection and drop off times are tight, as you can collect near to the festival) There are all sorts of rules along with the hire of course, being over 25, having been driving for over 2 years etc etc (ah finally a perk to being old!) But these rules rather reassured me that the whole thing had been thought through.

And so this year, for Camp Bestival, DDs dream has come true and I can cross 'driving and camping in a VW camper van' from my bucket list.

Introducing ...Molly, a cute pink VW camper! Watch out for plenty of photos!

Where to stay at a festival if tents are not for you

It pains me to admit it but I realise that some people don't like tents...I know right? ...but for those people, here is a blog post about festival accomodation.

There are people that don't go to festivals not because they hate the thought of a sunny day drinking beer and listening to music in a field, but because they fear nighttime loo trips, leaky tents, winds breaking your flag pole and uncomfortable deflated matresses.

campervan vw tent blue
Accomodation is variable at most festivals
Well never fear!

First I must add a quick note that if you don't fear all the above but you don't have a tent and all the kit and don't really want to slash out for a festival, or have no place to store all that, let alone transport it! Then there is still the opportunity to attend a festival. You could either opt for the ready pitched tent option (always looks a bit regimented for my liking but certainly saves time and effort)  or go for the rent a festival kit option.

There are also posh Yurts at lots of festivals (also big canvas teepees)and they often have proper beds (or at least futons) so they can be worth looking at too, as you pay a premium for these you will often get hot showers and posh loos included.

But, moving on to those that don't want a tent. There is the option to rent a camper van for a week. Loads of places rent vans, hunt around the web for a place local to the festival, drive on down, grab your van, buy some beer, sorted. Camper van spots do cost a bit extra at most festivals and space will be limited so be sure to book early if you choose this option.

Some festivals now even allow caravans if you have a mate who could lend you one (or if you have your own, obviously!) Camp Bestival started allowing caravans last year.

Another rather cute innovation is the Podpad, along with the gypsy caravan these are two of my favourite 'not tent' options for festivals

Or why not stay locally. Rent a cottage or a hotel near to the festival, of course you'll need a designated driver if you are going to be drinking, but you can get a taxi if you are close enough. Check out the local area, and also check the times the gates open and close. You might miss a few late night gigs and early starts but you'll have a warm comfy bed, your own bathroom and somewhere to cook and eat breakfast!

Or plump for a day ticket. Loads of festivals have a day ticket option. Perfect for a first timer to get a taste of the festival without any pressure.

Any thing I've missed? I'd love your comments below if you have ever attended a festival but stayed off site.

Night night, sleep tight - Camping sleep mats review

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