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Coping with weekend after weekend of festivals

People have asked me how I cope with so many festivals in such a short space of time each summer. Is it amazing advanced planning? Spending loads of money or a wild and carefree attitude to life?

I'd say it's a mix of all of those. Most summers I do four or more festivals and as summer is fairly limited in the UK, in practice this means I usually have little or no time between the festivals. Every year there are festivals I can't go to because of clashes...choices must be made. This year the top picks are Camp Bestival, Cornbury, Boomtown Fair, and England's Medieval festival. (I also squeezed in a one day festival and ComicCon)

I have managed to get a week between some of the festivals I'm going to this year, so I can get the washing done! But what planning do I do?

First I plan what I (and my daughter)  are going to wear. I tend to take a fair bit of 'fancy dress', underwear, a pair of jeans, some T shirts and a jumper, fleece and waterproof coat. Wellies and a pair of trainers. The fancy dress might include a onesie so I'll probably wear that in bed, if not then leggings and a T shirt will keep me decent if I need to leave the tent in the night for any reason (to fix a tent peg on a windy night, or to straighten a guy line after a drunken loo seeker falls over it for example). I tend to take a different set of clothes to each festival - that means I don't have to worry about washing and drying it all in the brief time I'm home between them, I do however, have the added bonus of having Mr TS who is not only fully licenced to do the washing but he doesn't do festivals!

  • Plan clothes, separate piles for each festival.

Food. I buy some food in advance, and also plan to buy some food there. Breakfasts and coffee are big costs at a festival for little real gain, so I take coffee bags and cereal bar type snacks. Also bananas. This year will be a challenge as DD has recently become vegan, so I'll have to take that into consideration when buying, sadly she will no longer be able to share my favourite breakfast, the potato and bacon fry up in a pouch! I might take some tinned new potatoes to slice and fry in oil instead.

Tinned meals, chilli, hotdogs, new potatoes, baked beans. spaghetti hoops, all day breakfast etc. Snacks and breakfast foods, protein bars, cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit, bananas, individually wrapped croissants and cakes. Instant type meals are good too, cup-a-soups, instant noodles, and instant potato. Drinks, NO GLASS, cans of ready mixed alcohol, beer, bags of wine, cartons of juice for children and hangover cures. (No need to bring water as there are lots of water points at all festivals - and this year Camp Bestival is cutting down on single use plastics by having ice cold cans of water for sale on site) Plan some money for food. kids might share but look at spending £6 - £8 per adult per meal. Make at home and take the first nights meal with you - you can freeze it and use it as a way to keep your cooler cool.

  • Food - buy in advance.

Prepacked boxes. I keep all my camping stuff packed away in 2 large Really Useful Boxes. One box has all the camping essentials and the other has the fun festival extras! So in the essentials box I have things like cooking stuff, pots and pans, matches, cutlery, penknife, tooth brushes and toothpaste, medicines (hay fever medicines and paracetamol and plasters), sun cream, and in the fun box I have bunting, flowers, fly spray (yeah not really fun but also not essential) masks, game stuff, books, pens. I also keep all the washing and washing up things in a flexi trug ready to pop into the car. Having the boxes ready to go at the start of the festival season means they don't need any unpacking or repacking between festivals. So I just need to grab clothes, tent, chairs, wellies and the boxes and we are good to go.
  • Plan - pack basic bits and pieces for camping/festivals in advance. keep them in a practical easy to transport container.
Dog's are not allowed at most festivals - although England's Medieval Festival welcomes them
Have more than one tent. OK This bit isn't essential but if it rains it's nice to be able to leave the wet tent at home and take a new dry one. If you don't have that option then just take the wet tent to erect at the next festival as long as it's less than a week away. Over a week and a packed tent will start to get mouldy , so unwrap and spread it out to dry at home if you have the time.
  • Own multiple tents (not really essential)

Buy all the tickets you can online, if there are various options get them in advance. Pay for your parking, get your theatre tickets, pay for any extras you can because you'll find otherwise you might miss them due to over booking or run out of money!
  • More planning!
Take things for the kids to prevent the whining and begging for you to buy them things. Now we are all thinking of the environment more, I'm no longer sure that glo-sticks are a sensible buy, they are fun and the kids will love them, but they are essentially a single use plastic full of chemicals and glass. I'm fairly sure they can't be recycled. Maybe look for some funky colour changing torches or wands instead, they will last for a few festivals so you might even save money! For little kids the 'squeezy' torches are a great idea, they won't run out of battery! Take some face paints, and some bright and sparkly Eco (biodegradable) glitter, great for everyone to get into the festival spirit (save on the queues and save money!) Circus toys and flower crowns/silly hats are also popular.

  • Take extras
When I get back from a festival I have ensured I packed the dirty clothes last, so I unload them and then if the next festival is less that 5 days away, I don't even unpack the car! Kiss Mr TS, pat the dog, shower off the mud, throw the clothes into the washing machine, pop to the supermarket, pack the new clothes and off we go again...

Camp Bestival's Beard and Moustache Competition 2014

Every now and again Camp Bestival emails to tell ticket holders and those that signed up for such things to tell us of new acts and exciting new shenanigans that will be happening.

Now anyone that knows me knows I love beards, so when I read an email telling me about all sorts of new acts, new choirs, new things of all kinds (more of them in a minute) it was only one thing that caught my eye and made me gasp with a thrill normally reserved for ...other things.

at 11.30 am on Saturday in the Lower Kids Garden, on the catwalk Camp Bestival will be holding a Beard and Moustache Competition!!

Now I am not the sort of woman that prowls a festival taking sneaky pictures of beards, someone that did that would be a bit odd and obsessive,

But if I was that sort of person then I would be in the Lower Kids Garden at 11.30am with my camera at the ready!

I am also not the sort of person to wear a beard myself at a festival
But if I was that sort of person then I would be taking along my very own beard and hoping that women were not excluded form the event!

Other exciting news is that Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer is back - I simply love him. And some new acts to discover too! (a ukulele workshop! ooh) and real ale (perfect to go with a beard)

Read all about them on Camp Bestival's Website

Festival Rain

Rain Rain go away

Today it's raining, so while I did talk about festival weather already I thought I'd do a few specific rain tips today.

Hopefully you have a waterproof tent or camper van. But just in case of leaks take a roll of black bin liners. Pop all your festival clothes into one, and each day pop your sleeping bag into one too, lay one over anything that won't fit in a bag ... now all your stuff is at least protected from drips, and even if you get wet you'll have a dry change of clothes and a dry sleeping bag.

Just because it's raining doesn't mean it will be cold. Summer festivals can be showery but spells of sun can dry you (and your wet clobber) out very quickly. Don't be disheartened at the first drop of rain.

If you have kids plan a few things that you might do if it rains, meet up with another family? Games in their tent? Or in the rain! Look for events happening inside big tents at the festival (though they will fill quickly if it pours)

Consider taking pack-a-macs (those festival ponchos made of bin bag material are a waste of money IMO, either cut arm holes in a bin bag or take a proper coat). We take Shmangles, a rather fab idea, a sort of cross between a picnic blanket and a cape, with a hood! They can be worn in the wet or the cold, or sat on in the sunshine! And they have a handy carry bag too.

Wear wellies. I tend to wear wellies most days at a festival anyway. They have become such a statement item of footwear. Dry feet are a luxury you can afford. Consider getting some super stylish wellies, so that you'll feel good about wearing them and not look like an out of work farmer.

Don't fear the rain. This too shall pass. It's a festival, have fun, you'll be home  in bed in 4 days and miss all me


It's been one of the warmest days of the year so far so what better time to talk about....thermal underwear!

Once when DD and I went camping in the summer we didn't bother to put the tent inner (including the ground sheet) in the tent. It was so so hot, we had camp beds that would keep us off of the ground, and we imagined a lovely night of cool fresh breezes, but still ultimately warm.

How naive we were, how foolish. How COLD! By midnight we had realised what a dreadful mistake we had made, the cold from the ground had chilled everything, the air temperature had dropped rapidly once the sun had gone down and with only a single skin to the tent the warmth in that had gone too. How we shivered and griped. How we wished we had more on than a T shirt and pants!

So when the eCornerShop asked me to review some thermal underwear I was keen, despite the arrival of spring. When you are a camper thermals should be an all round item! The best thing about this thermal set (consisting of a long sleeve vest, and long pants) is that they are so soft and so sleek! You can wear them under other clothes with hardly a wrinkle, but also as they are black they don't look bad on their own. None of the look of the cowboy long johns! More a slinky black cat woman effect (that's how I''m seeing myself so you can all shut up)

I'm going to be pitching the tent in the garden this weekend, the first pitch of the season, to check for moth damage (yikes) mould (yikes again) and anything else that may have happened while it's been snuggling in its bag in the loft.

And I might need to sleep in it, as a proper test, and when I do, I shall be snuggly too!

The Ladies Thermal underwear set is available from the eCornerShop

They don't only sell ladies under wear, they have thermals for men too (and a rather fit model! go and look!) and thermals for kids (perfect for sleep wear or when away at festivals) and they have some rather good onesies too if you like that sort of thing! Do take a peek.

Disclaimer - I was sent the thermals in exchange for this review but the opinions in this post are all mine (as is the embarrassing naive camping experience)

Camping in the last last week of october has taught me....

1. It is not darkest just before the dawn, but it is coldest.
2. Baked beans are amazing for breakfast and warm your very soul.
3. The best way to get warm is to get dressed & do the washing up.
4. A sleeping bag, a duvet, pjs, a hat & bed socks can make a subzero night toasty warm.
5. Taking extra gas is a good idea.
6. Instant porridge is the invention of a genius.
7. Showering is over-rated.
8. 2 girls aged 10&11 can amuse themselves for hours at a time in the countryside.
9. I can still read a book in 3 days when I have time!
10. Caravan's are for wimps :-)
11. The English countryside is gorgeous in the sun, not always warm, but always beautiful.
12. Birdwatching is fun (tawny owl, buzzard, kestrel, spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, crows)

Have you camped in a tent this late in the year?
Did you enjoy it?
Would you consider doing it?

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