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Camp Bestival - Extreme Sports Park

One of our favourite places to do nothing while watching others show off and risk their necks, is the Free Sports Park at Camp Bestival.

I love to watch the skills of some of cyclists and skaters as they fly, loop and whirl at breakneck speed often upside down!

Apparently you can take part! But DD and I tend to lay on the grass, drink in hand and just watch the young handsome guys take their shirts off as they get hot perform amazing stunts.

A festival virgin tells all!

I thought it was time we heard from someone else! I hunted about for a willing sacrificial virgin, and found one in the shape of Mamafurfur on twitter, a self confessed festival virgin! Off to Latitude this year and who knows where next year? I asked her a few questions about why she decided to take the plunge...

Tell us a bit about yourself
I'm 32yrs old new Mummy to 1/Wife to 1/Step-Mummy to 3 who sidelines as an IT sales executive during the days. Background in Electronic Engineering, but since having small dude last June, love to write about my experience of life since then and in my world in general. We also share our home with 2 rescue cats.

Do you think of yourself as a country or a city sort? 
City girl that enjoys the country, and the freedom/peace/silence it brings  

Have you been camping before? If so where and what did you like/dislike about it? 
Used to go caravaning as a child with my family, but nope never been camping before in my life. I like running water and electricity too much does my wavy hair like having straighteners as to not frighten people during the day. Love the idea of getting away from all the modern restrictions of life and being "connected" at all times, and just enjoying more relaxed and simplistic living even for a few days. Dislike the thought of my hair without said electricity... 

What was the best Music gig you've been to? 
Best gig would have to be one recently, The Temperance Movement in the Glasgow QMU, but also got to see my favourite band of the moment Halestorm this year which was amazing due to so many songs being very meaningful to me in the last 2 yrs. 

What made you consider a festival this year? 
Have always wanted to go and experience it, and this year Husband and I decided to do "things we wish we have done" each month. I took the plunge and booked up for my first festival during a time when our little dude will be looked after for a few nights, so it will be perfect date/first experience combined. Husband also loves music just as much as I do. 

Will you be going to the festival alone? With family? With friends? 
Going with Husband, who has been to a festival before (Download) 

What sort of tent/camper/yurt option have you gone for? 
Just a tent option....although hotel might be booked as backup plan if it all goes badly ;O) 

What are your packing essentials? 
Being Scottish, that means I prepare for rain at all times - wellies, rain coat, suncream, sunglasses, oldish clothes, camera, money 


Why did you choose Latitude? 
Timing really was the issue this year, and when we had little dude looked after diary confirmed, we choose our festival based on that weekend. Lineup also looked great for those dates, pricing good, so it was the ideal first festival as it has a mixture of comedy, music and arts. Plus it seems to cater for the whole family really well which means we might potentially return in coming year.s

Did you read blogs/media about festivals before you decided? 
Read reviews of past Latitude festivals, and the online info, and nothing seemed off putting. Seemed very friendly and less "all about getting drunk" atmosphere. Really seems as if it will be full days value for money with all types of they appear to have places that sell fish and chips. Bonus!  


What are you looking forward to? What are the positive things about a festival you hope to enjoy? 
Mostly being there having never done anything like this before. My hope is to either feel that this is something we will do again, perhaps this one or another music festival, but to have said we have done it and lived out one of my dreams. 

What are you dreading? What are the nasty things you worry you might have to brave! 
I have to let you into a secret - we have paid for the posh upgraded toilets to use each day as the thought of sharing horrible toilets puts me right off. Don't fancy that one bit - God bless the idea of having nicer toilets! And really hoping the weather is good as I'm not very good in the rain/wind/cold - ironically being Scottish and all.... 

Is this a test trip to a festival? Do you plan to do more if you like it? Or is it a 'one off' for a bucket list!? 
Its kinda started as a one off bucket list idea, but I am really hoping that this potentially turns into a yearly or few years thing for our family. I didn't realise there were "family" festivals out there, and my eyes have been opened. I actually think the dates of the festival played to our advantage and we might end up finding a concept we love for our wee family for years to come.  

Will you be blogging about your experiences? 
Absolutely! All experiences to be shared with others, and look forward to putting it up online towards end of July time!

Find Jennifer's Blog here!

Camp Bestival 2013 Highlights

Festival season is upon us! Glastonbury is kicking off and my post today is a lazy one.

Here have a peek at Camp Bestival's 2013 video highlights via this handy Youtube Video. (Not filmed by me) Take 6 minutes to feel the sun on you, and hear the sounds...

And yes this does sum it up, it really is this much fun.

Festivals - planning what to see

So you arrive excitedly at you festival. Now what? You are pitched up, you have checked where the loos are and which is the best place to get breakfast, you have cold beer in hand...

Buy a programme, sometimes you are given one, or at least a basic one (or there may be an app) but buy the best one you can. Then find a comfy spot and start your planning.

You might already have a rough idea of acts you just can't miss, find them and circle them. Clashes? Yikes, you'll have to make some tough choices.

If you have kids let them join in, pick a few of their 'must see' things.  Don't plan too much! I tend to plan a morning act, an afternoon and an evening, I add in some that would be nice but not essential. Leave some 'wandering and discovering' time.

Remember that you don't have a teleporter! It takes time to get from one stage to another, especially in crowds (at Glastonbury it can actually take hours! HOURS!). Also remember you need to eat and drink, and so do children they may also need toilet stops! Factor some in!

How do you plan and what is your number one MUST SEE act at a festival this year?

Jaipur Brass Band

This may come a surprise to you, but one of the things I simply love at Camp Bestival is the absolute joy of the Jaipur Brass Band.

Inherited from the British Empire the brass band belongs in India now. For the simple fun and enjoyment of playing and watching they would take some beating. Hearing the Jaipur Brass Band in a sunny field just cannot fail to make you smile.

 I can't wait to hear them live again.

Using a festival to meet up with chums.

It's fun to make new friends at a festival but lots of people also use it as an excuse to get together with old friends too.

As discussed yesterday camping can be a bit hit and miss and you may not be able to arrive together or pitch together.

To increase the chances of pitching together you can:-

  • Arrive together and early when there is still plenty of space
  • Be less fussy about where you pitch and just look for space.
  • All share one tent! (rather depends on your numbers and friendliness!)
  • Have a desiganted 'tent erector' who arrives first with the tents and sets up camp
  • Use bunting or a groundsheet/rug to mark out a space for your later arriving friends (don't be greedy!)
  • Pay extra to get a marked pitch area (not available at all festivals but Camp Bestival has this option
Don't panic if you can't all pitch near each other though, you can visit each other in the evening taking a rug or chairs and share a beer. During the day you can arrange to meet at a specific stall for breakfast or use a festival meeting place or landmark. Camp Bestival has large Hi-Di-Hi and Ho-Di-Ho signs for example.

Decorate your spot, use a flag, make it easy to find each other's tents.

Don't rely too much on mobile phones as the coverage can be patchy, better to arrange a time and place.

If you are feeling terribly organised why not see what you are all wearing for the fancy dress and try and coordinate? All clowns or all monkeys etc!

Night night, sleep tight - Camping sleep mats review

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