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Camp Bestival 2018 review of (probably) the best family festival on Earth

Hello! I am back from one of the best family festivals on earth, Camp Bestival,  and I'm not only saying that because they gifted me a ticket!
This year the festival was sadly cut short by horrendous storms and wind, but no one wants doom and gloom so here are the fun bits!

First off, we hired a camper van this year! So minimal tentsniffing for me, but the joy of a cute pink VW camper instead.(more of her soon)
pink vw campervan
Molly the Camper Van

Day one was Thursday. Hot and sunny we drove (slowly in the elderly camper) to the site. Parked high on the hill and gazed down over the festival. Thursday evening we spent lazing about because we assumed we had so much time...note to self, seize the moment! (rules for life and festivals) do not assume you have days and days left..)

Day two. The festival begins. There is much prowling and getting orientated, and this is because with Bestival being held on the same site one week later the layout had changed slightly. Initially (like many people I'm sure) I hated the changes.
"Why is the big top here?" 
"Where is the Pigs Big Ballroom?" 
"Why is there nothing much outside Bollywood?" 
"Why is the crazy wall of death stunt show down here?" 

but later I began to see that some of the changes had real benefits. The new Big Top had open sides and was now in a natural dip in the ground, meaning even people who were sitting outside (either to enjoy the sun or because the tent was full) could now see in to the stage really well. And moving the Wall of Death gave space on the hill for an entire ship! (DD was amazed..."how on earth do you get a whole ship into a field?")

The new live action retro arcade games looked hilarious although we didn't take a turn, and high wire skills? Wow, so many brave people that each day this activity was filled up very early!

There was much shopping and drinking and eating on day two too. The Feast Collective turned out to be just as delicious as had been promised with an excellent vegan selection for DD.

In the evening, Rick Astley, with the amazing Mary Berry on drums, no I have no idea either, but it really happened I was there.

DD had already been struck dumb with shock and awe at seeing her hero Mary Berry wandering about in the Magic Meadow.

After seeing Rick I dragged DD to the big top to see my favourite DJ Jaguar Skills, and that was so much fun, he also brought Jag Jr to the set which was rather adorable and just right for a kids festival.

Day three, which turned out to also be the last day was full of wind and hot sun, a desert theme would have been more in keeping than the sea theme we had! I dressed a bit like a pirate, but keeping a pirate hat on in that wind was impossible, so I mainly looked like a middle aged women with a plastic sword in her belt.

We didn't visit the kid's fields as much as in previous years as DD is now an adult! But the children all appeared to be having the most amazing fun that only a festival in sunshine which is designed almost exclusively for them can achieve. Sadly for the first year in a long time we missed the simply glorious Insect Circus.

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer pleased his fans with some spiffing chap-hop despite his suffering with a summer cold, although some small boys in the front row were disappointed he didn't sing, Let's Talk about Kanye.

Clean Bandit were excellent on the castle stage at night.

After Clean Bandit we decided to investigate the Caravanserai, a mishmash of old caravans and fairground parts with bars and stages and it rapidly became my favourite part of Camp Bestival, I had planned to spend most of Sunday night there, but it was not to be.

The activity, the shows and the general atmosphere though were simply incredible, I loved it. Well done Rob da Bank and co for the amazing festival once again! So sad that we missed out of Sunday, I'm already counting down the days until next year...

The show goes on and Rob and the team are already making plans for Camp Bestival 2019, which takes place from Thursday 25th July to Sunday 28th July at Lulworth Castle.

From Friday 3rd August at 10am to say thanks to all Camp Bestival-goers for being brilliant, there is a very special 72-hour pre-sale with adult weekend tickets available to buy for the amazing price of £150.

Camping Plus, Hospitality and Backstage Camping upgrades will also be available at pre-sale prices. To take advantage of our pre-sale prices, head to the Camp Bestival website and sign up to the mailing list to receive an access code.

Following the pre-sale, early bird tickets go on sale on Monday 6th August at 10am from, with adult weekend tickets priced at just £160 and available to buy with our monthly payment plan.
Camping Plus, Hospitality and Backstage Camping upgrades will be on sale at early bird prices, too.

All Camp Bestival ticketing information and lots more can be found at

Disclosure: as an Official Camp Bestival Blogger I was gifted a ticket to attend the festival

Cornbury Festival Review

What an amazing weekend. Helped of course by the most amazing summer weather that many of you will ever have experienced. After several weeks of blazing sun and high temperatures a part of me was afraid the weather would break just as the festival season kicked off, but no! The weather Gods smiled upon us and Cornbury went ahead with scorched grass and blue blue skies.

You'll have seen the line up in my previous posts, so I won't go on and on about how simply fabulous Alanis Morrissette was, or how Caro Emerald looked and sounded amazing and had the entire crowd dancing and swaying with her and her (rather handsome) band. I won't bang on about the fun set by Amy McDonald, or how incredible Jimmy Cliff was (even my teenager loved his reggae hits and danced along). I won't bore you with how Pixie Lott wowed the crowds or how gorgeous Marie Wilson looked , and how much fun we all had singing along to her 1983 hit Just What I always Wanted. (Goodness it was a joyous blast from the past)
Marie Wilson

I will tell you though that the site was beautiful, a bit hilly but you could avoid that if  you arrived early or didn't mind a bit of a squeeze between the tents. Car parking was well organised and close to the campsite. We used our trolley but there were wheelbarrow style trolleys to hire if you needed them.

The festival campsite

The campsite had the usual portable toilets and they were regularly checked and cleaned, I never stumbled into a grungy one. There were free showers too, and lots of toilets for the disabled, in fact the entire festival was really disabled-friendly. As you know I only have a minor disability, but for those that needed extra help there was a great accessible viewing platform for the main stage, the paths were all flat and grass mown short,and I saw several tweets about how good the facilities for the disabled were.

In the campsite there was a shop selling  essentials (such as ice! I can't tell you how fabulous it was to be able to buy ice for the cool box at a festival, cold gins in tins are a definite essential) and couple of food stalls for breakfast, hot drinks and late snacks, there was even a campsite bar!

The vegan choices at the festival food stalls was limited but what was available was delicious, my teen was thrilled to discover some vegan ice cream (sorbet).  I of course consumed all the food...all of it, amazing Goan fish curries were my favourite, but I also had pizza, and on Sunday a half of a chicken!!

The site managed to squeeze in a giant big wheel, and an entire fun fair, complete with dodgems and a haunted house and a helter skelter, a mini cinema, several stages, shops, and numerous bars.

And for anyone wanting water but not fancying the lukewarm tap water, there was fresh filtered and cooled water from Frank, a charity that will refill water bottles for a small weekend fee, the money going to help charities abroad and the refils helping save plastic here - a win win! (They are going to be at Camp Bestival too.) You can buy a water bottle from their range and they will fill that at any festival for free, or you can buy a weekend wristband and get your own bottle refilled (we chose that option as we already have a few bottles)

No festival is perfect, and I would probably advise a program redesign, as finding the clashes was tricky - a timeline would have been good for each stage. I would have liked more vegan food options too - although the Goodness Gracious team were really lovely and my teen was happy to eat their vegan burgers several times.

I did too much shopping, too much eating, too much drinking and too much sleeping, which seems to me to be exactly what a festival is for. I would recommend Cornbury for anyone who loves a well run slightly posh festival (not all that posh, they let me in) and especially for any disabled festival goers or wanna be festival goers. Cornbury is a great festival for families too.

And don't just take my word for it - I bumped into a blogging chum there and she reviewed the festival too - on her Blog here MadMumof7  It was Afra's first festival and she loved it!

Disclosure : I attended Cornbury as the festival's guest in order to facilitate this review.

How a new camping table has changed my (camping) life

I was sent a table by Millets recently. They asked me to share with you what I thought of it and to see if it could make camping a real home from home.

Now as you will know if you are a regular reader, I am a 'bare minimum' sort of camper. No electric, not fussed about flushing toilets and shower blocks, happiest in a wood or a field just me, my tent, some beer and a book (and DD of course, my regular camping companion) so how would a table work for me?

Well I picked the rather super looking table with storage under it, and to say it changed our camping lives is not an understatement. One of the reasons Mr Tentsniffer doesn't camp with us (along side having a bad back, and preferring an evening in front of the TV to one trekking across a field to the loo,) is that he hates mess and when DD and I camp, we are messy.

I'm messy anyway, chucking things down and leaving them where they land, and in the tent that soon becomes a royal pain in the bum!
"where is the hairbrush?"
"have you seen the matches?"
"wasn't the kettle here somewhere?"
"are there any apples left?" cue staring at vast pile of 'stuff'...

So could a table save us? Amazingly yes it could! The camping table is 7kg in weight and has a handy carry handle for transporting it when it's folded up - and it folds up so neatly! It opens up into a spacious table and the legs extend to give it height. Underneath are two large storage 'cupboards' with solid flat bases, perfect as a larder for our new 'kitchen diner'. At either end of the table are pockets for anything you fancy, cutlery, magazines, hairbrushes, matches...'stuff'...

The table fitted perfectly in our Cabanon Pyramide IV tent and the best bit was that our storage boxes slid in beautifully underneath it. Sadly these boxes are old and cracked, but I searched around and found some 50L boxes on Amazon that are just the right size to slip under the table, so we have all our regular bits and bobs safely under the table, extra cupboards and a table top too! We managed to keep everything so neat and tidy on our jaunt to the Byline festival that I think even Mr Tentsniffer would have been proud. Just take a look.

Disclosure I was sent this table (and a fabulous box of goodies - see the unboxing video here) by Millets to review but all the thoughts about the table are my own!

Review of the first ever Byline Festival

As you will recall I was invited to the Byline festival as a guest, with the lovely DD, to review the festival and tell you all about it! So you'll be wondering if it lived up to the hype - or was it fake news!

Byline Festival was described on its own website as A RIOT OF FREE SPEECH
PROTEST AGAINST FAKE NEWS AND ALTERNATIVE FACTS something that rather worried the chaps at the local BBC radio station it seems.
But they needn't have worried, far from fields of violent rioting hooligans, the fields were in fact full of a diverse band of intelligent people, keen to learn how to spot truth from fiction, how to survive in a world so rich in information that it can be hard to spot the important bits, how to be their own journalists but also how to find journalists to trust...and why even today in a world of 'instant news' via social media, journalists and their skills are vital. I really enjoyed the satirical comedy by Hardeep Singh Kohli, and of course the bad press awards presented by John Cleese  (who understandably got a fit of the giggles trying to talk about the famed Werewolf of Hull!). But I was also delighted to listen to a talk 'No Platform' about lesser known stories and the stories behind and around the headlines.

I failed miserably to attend the few talks and workshops related to blogging (what am I like!) I do hope there will be more next year. But I did manage some great debates.

As the festival was brand new there were of course a few things that could be improved, better signage from the car park for instance, printed maps handed out along with programs when we arrived, rather than relying on an app or us finding the Info tent (and enough programs that they didn't run out!) but I can't fault the posh loos (flushing!) the free showers and the great bars, with frozen cocktails no less! The lineup and choice of debates was varied and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. The food catering was good, though I wish the food consessions had been told they should stay open until the festival officially closed at 3pm on Sunday. We managed to try burgers, crepes and pizzas as well as ice cream and booze during the weekend, and having a bread and baked goods stall was an excellent idea.

I loved the fact that there was a real mix of genders, ethnicity, nationality and even political leaning at the festival. Loads to learn and an excellent atmosphere. While the festival is family friendly and certainly happy for you to bring the kids there is not much structured stuff for them to do (though playing in the woods seemed popular) so you might be wisest to leave the kids with friends or relatives and taking a weekend away for an adult only break.

The festival is running again in 2018 and currently super early bird tickets are a simply barmy £30 (they will be £120 at full price - still great value.) I highly recommend it to any journalists, serious bloggers, writers and anyone with an interest in politics, life and the truth.

Disclosure : I was sent complementary tickets for this event for the purpose of this review - the words are all my own.

A review of a great easy pitch tent the Trespass Qiktent

At the end of every festival I attend I enjoy watching people who, on day one, smugly erected an instant 'pop up' tent, and now on day 5 are struggling to get it back into its bag!

I have seen swearing, family rows, anger, broken tents, ripped bags, tents crammed into cars still semi erect, even tents just dumped in fury and left at the festival.

I envy these people on day one, but always remember on day 5 why I don't have a pop up tent.

If only there was a tent that was quick to put up, but just as quick to put down.

Well it turns out there is!

Trespass sent me a 2 man Qiktent to review and as soon as it arrived DD and I excitedly erected it in the living room! It was super fast, and then, equally super fast, we packed it away again! Good gracious, we were sold on the whole idea. And so we decided to take it with us to the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. Initially we planned just to pitch it and maybe use it for storage as it's small, but in the end DD was so taken with it she decided to make it her home for four days.

I rarely make videos but I couldn't believe how fast and simple the Qiktent was to erect and pack down, and knew you wouldn't believe it either unless you could witness it - so here is the evidence, and a chat with DD about why she loved it.

The tent is super fast to erect, it's also fast and easy to pack away, it's light, it is cute. It  has a porch area for muddy shoes or your rucksack. As a two man tent it has space for two to sleep but no extra space (except the porch area) so you would need to be good mates to share. But for a single camper it is the perfect tent, enough space to sleep and store your kit. Also great as a second (or third!) small tent for your teens to have a private sleeping area.

Like any nylon tent it can get condensation on the inside in the morning if it's cold out, and it heats quickly in the sun, but it has easy open windows at either end with fly screens, and a fly screen over the sleeping area door, so it's quick to cool down and air the tent.

The sleeping area is a sealed unit with attached groundsheet so no danger of creepy crawlies in the tent, and of course, the inner and outer skins are all attached to the frame for that super speedy erection. The outer is waterproof to 3000hh which is pretty impressive, and will cope with all the UK weather can throw at it.

It's not a particularly cheap tent at £74.99 but I would say that is worth paying for the simplicity and ease of use of the tent, you won't worry about using it even for a brief stay. A great festival tent, or a tent for a couple of nights, it would be excellent if you are hiking or biking and staying in a different spot each night, arriving late and tired it would be just the tent you need to take all the strain out of pitching.

The Qiktent is no longer available but similar style tents can be found on Amazon

Disclosure - I was sent the tent in exchange for an honest review.

Let me know what you think over on my  Facebook page , or tweet me at Tentsniffer on Twitter.

Curious Arts Festival 2016

So I expect you are all wondering, did I manage to see all of the things I hoped to at the Curious Arts Festival?

curious arts festival programme

Well, no. But I experienced all I needed. We arrived on the Friday and the cricket match was in full swing already, sadly it's a short walk form the camp site and the main festival site, and after pitching the tent in the scorching sunshine all I fancied was a snooze and an ice cold beer! Couple with the fact we had the small puppy with us (and she was panting in the shade) we decided to miss the cricket in favour of total non exertion.

Put to the Test - Liquiproof waterproofer

I am a camper so I'm very familiar with water, getting soaked, ruined trainers, soggy jeans, etc etc you get the picture. After all I live in the UK, home of damp summers and wetter springs, saturated autumns and drowning winters.

liquiproof waterproofer and some canvas shoes

When I was asked if I fancied reviewing Liquiproof I was keen to try something new, I've used water proofers in the past of course, famously I had to respray the tent and used rather a lot of Fabsil. The trouble with most water proofers is that they smell really bad so you have to use them in well ventilated areas and they stink the place out as they dry. Not so with Liquiproof! I was suspicious when told this but also intrigued, how could something water based be water proof? My tiny brain couldn't cope
"The solution works by bonding SiO2 particles to the individual fibres of the fabric, creating permanent bonded layers which forms an invisible barrier that keeps water and oil from ruining the shoe surface.
The cutting edge formula is effective for everyday situations allowing even suede shoes and jackets to maintain permanently stain free from the rain and spillages. The cost effective formula enables a permanent  protector for all shoes and clothing without affecting the look, feel or breathability of the fabric."
So I gave it a go. I tried it on my favourite new material summer shoes, the instructions are pretty easy, Start with clean items, spray until the surface is damp, work the liquid in with a brush (I use a toothbrush, a clean one, not Dear Husband's) and then wait 10 minutes and spray them again. Then wait 24 hours before testing them in the sink...the testing them in the sink is optional but it's so much fun!! (I cannot wait to do my denim jacket!)
So my review is - Liquiproof is amazing, easy to use, no smell and it works! I haven't tried washing a product treated yet but apparently it lasts several washes, I'l let you know after I've treated the jacket. I am very impressed. (and now I'll be able to wear my favourite summer shoes even in a British summer!)

You can see the product impressing the Dragons on Dragon's Den here.

You can find out more about it here and buy Liquiproof at a selection of U.K Stockists, Office, Selfridges, Offspring, Urban Outfitters, Birkenstock, The Natural Shoe Store or grab some on Amazon

Prices start at £10

I was sent a bottle of Liquiproof for the purposes of this review but the review above is my own!

Liquiproof says :
"Everyday, the clothing, furniture and footwear that we buy is exposed to the risk of dirt and damage, and the greatest hazard is from the accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink.
The classic example that springs to mind is the nightmare of red wine spilling onto a spotless cream carpet. But imagine if the wine was unable to soak in and remained in beads on the surface, ready to be cleaned up without leaving a stain…. that’s the result of Liquiproof Fabric Protection.
By protecting your apparel and furnishings with Liquiproof, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your belongings will be shielded from damage, stay cleaner and look smarter for longer."

Workforce socks, for walking and working - review

I don’t do much walking anymore, but when I do I like to wear proper walking boots and thick socks. Getting out into the countryside needs to be a comfy experience, no one wants blisters! And without proper foot wear you can risk, wet feet, sweaty feet (yuk), cold feet and just general discomfort. Especially important if you are walking each day over a period of time too as your feet have no time to heal. Most walkers spend a fair bit on boots and waterproof clothing but can be less discerning when it comes to socks. I have been reviewing some Workforce socks and not only do they look the part, they are nice and thick and comfy too. Sized correctly they don’t bunch up in my walking socks and give great cushioning support when I’m walking.

If you are looking for a comfy, soft and cushioning walking sock with a classic look, that is also hardwearing, you could do a lot worse than Workforce socks

Workforce also have socks designed specifically for wetter working conditions. The Classic Thermal Sock features full terry cushion footbed for the maximum comfort and shock absorption with 90% acrylic to ensure the cold is kept out all day. 

Workforce Long Boot Socks offer increased support to  the heel, toe and arch areas, ensuring greater durability.
Workforce socks are also the perfect choice for industry professionals, for a wide array of different DIY projects or simply for ensuring maximum comfort and support when worn for a number of different activities.  With 17 different designs currently included in the range, practicality is always a priority and Workforce guarantees to provide a hard working sock that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. 
For more information please contact
Disclosure. I was sent several pairs of socks for the purposes of this review but the opinions and wording are my own.

HeatHolder Socks, a warm feet review

When I go camping one of the things I like is laying in my bed at night, snug and warm, listening to rabbits and foxes and who knows what snuffingly about around the tent. Some evenings it’s harder to feel warm and snuggly than others though. If you’ve spent a day in rain on a windswept hillside, or in a chilly lake water skiing (I have never done that so I’m guessing) or wandering about a festival, scantily clad in fancy dress on a drizzly British summer day (I have done this one) it can be hard to get warmed up again. As I have poor circulation due to Charcot-Marie-Tooth my feet are often freezing even on a warm day, on a cold day you could use them to chill champagne.

So I was pleased to be asked to review some HeatHolder products, including some simply super socks! They are so warm and snuggly and fluffy inside. I tried them on on my cold feet and really felt the difference almost immediately. They are really soft and thick, the inside brushed layer is like candyfloss (less sticky obviously) and they felt just dreamy. I was also sent a blanket which will be perfect for evenings sitting in the tent, or in a camp chair near the fire, and over my sleeping bag on colder nights.

If you suffer from chilly feet keeping you awake I would recommend trying some HeatHolders. They also make cute welly socks, that not only make your wellies look snazzy but stop the tops rubbing your legs when you are in your festival shorts, and of course keep your feet super warm even when in cold festival mud.

Whichever festivals you choose to go to this year you will see amazing sights, meet lots of people and witness great entertainment – but don’t forget to make sure you’re prepared for the British weather!

Heat Holders have a number of thermal products in their range, including socks, wellington socks, blankets, thermal underwear, jumpers, neck warmers, hats, gloves, tights and leggings, and are available to buy online at and at various high street retailers.

Disclosure. I was sent socks and a blanket for the purposes of this review but the opinions and wording are my own.

Clean as a whistle

A little gem has appeared and become an instant favourite on my 'things to take when I go out' list.

Small and easy to fit in my bag a bottle of Aquaint has replaced a previously carried bottle of alcohol based hand gel.

Aquaint's claims made me initially think it must be too good to be true! Kills 99.9% of all sorts of horrors, can be used on babies and children (from birth!), isn't dangerous if ingested, can be used to clean 'things' as well as hands, dummies, rattles, (so if anyone throws their toys out of the pram they can go right back in after a quick spray and wipe) plates (perfect when camping as I often leave things to dry in the sun where flies no doubt have a wander!) and even fruit!

So could it really be true? Water based, non toxic safe and yet kills bacteria, fungus, viruses...

Well it turns out yes it can! I had a look through various scientific papers that have looked into using hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant and the results were all positive. It's a naturally occurring acid and not toxic, your own body makes it anyway, and after testing it for a few days I'm hooked! No dry skin as it's water based, no strong smell (great just before you eat a sandwich!) I will be stocking up with a few bottles in preparation for festival season.

I can't imagine why I hadn't heard of this product before.

Disclosure - I was sent a couple of bottles of Aquaint for the purposes of the review - but I'm genuinely happy to recommend this product.

Aquaint is a 100 per cent natural, eco-friendly water-based sanitiser that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in seconds. Water provides the base for the product to be highly effective as a cleanser and its only other ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, provides its anti-bacterial properties. Hypochlorous Acid is a harmless, natural acid produced by the human body to kill bacteria.

Aquaint has passed official UK Drinking Water tests and is endorsed by Allergy UK as an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’. It is the safest sanitiser on the market and ideal for the most sensitive and delicate skin from birth. Its lack of chemicals, fragrances and preservatives mean it is completely harmless, even if digested. It can even be used as a mouthwash.
Product overview
  • Suitable for use on the skin, surfaces and even on food
  • Safe to use from birth
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and endorsed as an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds
  • Multiple uses at home, out and about and while travelling
  • Does not dry out or irritate the skin, even after repeated use
  • Does not need to be rinsed off
  • Gentle, powerful and extremely safe
  • Harmless if swallowed
  • Safe to be handled unsupervised by infants
  • Eco friendly
  • As safe as drinking water!

It is available in a 500ml trigger spray bottle (£4.99) for use around the house on kitchen worktops, dining tables or in the car and can even by sprayed onto food. The handy 50ml mini spray bottle (£2.49) is ideal for carrying in your handbag, keeping on your desk or taking on days out, camping trips and festivals as a quick and easy way to cleanse hands or skin.
It can be used to freshen-up and deodorise the body naturally, used as a mouthwash or mouth freshener and sprayed directly on to the skin or surfaces without the need to rinse off as it does not leave behind any residues or toxic chemicals. Aquaint is perfect if you’re worried about exposure to harsh chemicals as it does not contain any alcohol, Parabens, Pthalates etc.

Aquaint is stocked in Boots, Babies R Us, Ocado, Vital Baby, JoJo Maman Bebe, NCT Shop and Amazon and is available to purchase on the website at

Elderflower Fields Festival - a first timer's review

So our first festival of the year this year has been and gone (and doesn't time fly when you are having fun!)

DD and I took our new tent to the Elderflower Fields Festival. We arrived on the Friday, straight after school (so about 5pm) thus missing some of the gigs and the film showing of Malificent *sad face*

But after sorting out our wristbands (delayed due to a power cut!) we set off with our stuff to pitch up. We found a spot by a pond, and like all festivals it was busy but friendly. We sorted out pitch in two trips to the car with the festival trolley (steep hills!) and by about 8pm we were all done. We were also tired out! So we ate and then dozed about, sat around and generally did nothing at all until bedtime - lazy campers! (and did I mention they have flushing toilets and FREE showers?)

On the Saturday we woke early and discovered we had no gas for the cooker! How spiffing that Elderflower Fields had realised this would happen and had arranged for the Lewes Outdoor shop to have a shop on site! Gas bought we went into the main festival area and ate some local bacon in a bap.

Wood Fired Pizza
At this point I need to say that a lot of what we did revolved around eating and lazing about - I gained 3 lbs over the weekend.

So, things we did over the Saturday and Sunday, included, walking in the woods, watching people build mud huts, eat wood fired pizza, drink alcohol, dress up, listen to The Kings Parade (excellent live band), drink Turkish delight flavour hot chocolate, eat ice cream, listen to Two Man Ting in the woods, wander the woods and look at the art, take silly photos at the photo booth tree, sleep, meet lovely friendly people and eat delicious local food at the big picnic, watch the Paddington movie (yes I cried in public at a kids film!) listen the Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer (love him, bought a cd too) and probably lots of things I have forgotten too...

So will we be going again next year? Of course we will!!

Find out more about Elderflower Fields at their website 

'Like' Elderflower Fields on Facebook ; Or follow them on twitter

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Shared as part of the country kids linky

Night night, sleep tight - Camping sleep mats review

For a long time I have searched for the perfect comfy night's sleep when camping. As I'm in my 50s the simple thin foam mat favo...