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A dog walk along the Rife stream at Ferring in West Sussex

It's rather nice having a dog again and now that Fizz is old enough to come out on a proper walk with the family it makes us all feel quite complete.

We are just back from a lovely walk along a local stream, where there are managed ponds and plenty or wildlife. It's a great place to walk dogs, away from the hustle and bustle of the town and yet not a long drive away. There are no roads really near and the paths are easy to walk.

Despite that I managed to take a tumble 3 times! Prompting Mr TS to demand I take a walking stick next time. I hate walking sticks. Although as I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (a neuropathy, affecting muscle strength and balance) I guess it's inevitable that a walking stick will be needed soon.

Of course delightful teen daughter found it hilarious when I fell in the mud, I think Fizz just thought I was unleashing my inner dog! And while it was messy I wasn't hurt.

South Downs in the distance
South Downs to the north

The walk has some lovely distant views of the South Downs, and had we walked along to the end of the stream we would have reached the sea, and a pleasant dog friendly cafĂ©, but we turned back at the half way point.

family and dog walking in the countryside
Towards the sea

wheat field
Across toward the farmland

The blossom was out on the blackthorn and we saw several butterflies. The ponds were full of plump tadpoles, which may grow up to be newts as there are newts, frogs and toads in the ponds.

blackthorn blossom
Blackthorn Blossom (sloes in the making!)

river bank

peacock butterfly on nettles
Peacock butterfly sunning itself on the nettles

Fizz spent the time discovering that water (if shallow) is fun.

border terrier on a walk
Fizz relaxing

border terrier in action
Action Shot

border terrier running
Fizz racing about after getting a cold tummy

border terrier leaping in water

border terrier in water
pretending to be an otter

Getting Ready for Camping

So each day brings us closer to the day we can get the tent out and I can't help but think there is bound to be something we need to buy as soon as we check our camping gear. I don't know about your kit but I'm sure mine either falls apart or is stolen by leprechauns over the winter. I always find missing tent pegs, a guy line oddly too short, or missing rolls of duck tape.
pyramid tent with smoke

tent with bunting

Assuming you struggle with the same pain I'm going to run a giveaway for a £10 Amazon voucher - enabling you to buy a tin of reproofer, some insect spray or a new hat - whatever you feel your camping kit needs.

tent with flash giveaway £10 voucher

Enter using the RaffleCopter thingy below. UK only. Ends 27th March 2016
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spring is in the air

This poor neglected blog is feeling the spring creeping along it's edges, ruffling the grasses. The sun is shining, promising butterflies, warm nights and catkins. Everywhere in our garden new shoots are emerging, I've had to mow the lawn once already - dashing out between hail showers to do it. And soon, very soon, I will find an excuse to get the tents out of the loft for a check up.

ivy on a tree

The one downside of canvas tents is the nervous fear that maybe they weren't BONE DRY when you put them away. That maybe mould or decay (or, as once happened, a mouse!) has crept into the fabric of the tent, damaging it. Last year I left Wilfrid wrapped up for only 3 days while he was wet and when I unfurled him I was horrified to find orange mould. I have since cleaned, scrubbed and dried him, but I admit I'm worried.
canvas pyramid tent lichfield

The spring sunshine calls to the canvas and soon my garden lawn will look like a mini festival. And then I will have the excuse of eating outdoors again. So I have decided to resurrect the 'Outdoor Food on Friday' linky for the summer. Starting from Friday 1st April 2016.  It will remain a weekly Friday event (with nagging and reminders)  but the linky itself will run for a month, giving you plenty of time to add a recipe, or an outdoor picnic tale or four before each one closes. I'd love you to join in. It's a fun way to find new food ideas or to laugh at peoples wasp horror stories. If you fancy it, why not grab a badge for your blog, and start thinking of those outdoor meals.

Tent Sniffing for Beginners

As always, if you are seized with an urge to comment, find me on Twitter or Facebook for a natter.

A walk in the English countryside

I don't know where you live, but here Monday started with gorgeous weather. As it is spring and I live relatively close to woodland, my husband and I decided to talk a walk in the woods to look at the bluebells. We were not disappointed. It was a perfect morning, lovely lighting through dappled trees, bird song, and spring flowers.

We saw so many flowers that I have made a list to give you an idea of what you look for if you go out in the next few weeks. If you have children (and maybe even if you don't) an I-Spy or other spotter book can make a walk fun, definitely grab yourself some sort of identification book, you can borrow them free from libraries as well as buying them. Or take a picture of each flower you see (I took quite a few) and use the internet to identify them when you get home. There is charming folklore about many English plants (more of that in later posts)

So here is my walk in pictures...

And we saw a huge long list of flowers too, many of which I photographed. Including:
Stitchwort, primroses, bluebells, white deadnettle, crosswort, bugle, cuckoo pint, herb robert, red campion, dog violets, anemone, wood sorrel, dandelions, daisies, yellow archangel, lady's smock, wood spurge, gorse, forget me nots, and yellow pimpernel.

white deadnettle
White deadnettle

wild forget me nots
wild forget me nots

bugle wild flower
Herb Robert
Herb Robert

cuckoo pint
Cuckoo pint

lady's smock wild flower
Lady's smock


fern frond
Fern Frond

english woodland bluebells

gorse flowers

crosswort yellow flower

yellow pimpernel
Yellow pimpernel

stitchwort flowers

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