Thursday, 10 December 2015

Camping and Festival advent days 8, 9, 10 (yes I forgot)

I knew this would happen, realistically I think we all did didn't we. I would schedule few posts all organised and cocky, have a few gins, forget I said I'd do a camping advent and ...well here we are, three days missed...almost like that drunken festival you were at last summer, three days lost in a haze of jam jar cocktails and strange tobacco smoke in fantastically lit tents.

But here we are, back again, giving it another go. Today after storm Desmond has devastated so many homes I'm grateful to be safe and warm. I am thinking though of those that are struggling. But I'm also remembering rain when camping. Not that I have experienced true disaster but a storm feels a lot worse when you only have canvas between you and it, and as the rain water soaks the ground and you lay wondering if the ground sheet will really keep out the water..

wet weather gear
Be Prepared
Glastonbury mud
Glastonbury mud
sign in rain

New Forest wet camping