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Iceland - My Favourite Day

My daughter and I had an amazing time in Iceland last year.

My highlight of the trip though was not the northern lights (we went in September - right at the start of the season and we were too lazy to go out late at night to search for them) and it was not the Blue Lagoon (neither of us are spa fans, and the price and the man made aspect of the place put us off - I'll never make it as an instagrammer)

No, the thing that I loved the most was the ice.

Iceland is mostly green and Greenland is mostly ice, that's just one of those odd things. But there is ice in Iceland, even in the warmth of the late summer.

Somewhat scarily the glaciers are shrinking though, far too quickly. But for now, we can still visit them and marvel at the chunks of ice falling into the sea and washing back up onto the black volcanic sandy beach at Jokulsarlon.

You can even watch for yourself via a live webcam! 

The day was long, up early and then a long coach trip - but lovely to be able to just sit and gaze from the window, to see the lava fields, the steam leaking from the earth, the cliffs and the seabirds. Then lastly the gorgeous ice lagoon itself. I could have stayed all day. Watching the seals, the ducks, the creaking ice...

I can't wait to go back.

Packing for Iceland and the cold outdoors

I booked the bucket list holiday of my dreams this year and at the beginning of September my teen daughter (DD) and I set off for Iceland for 6 days. I had decided to not bother with the Northern lights or the Blue Lagoon as neither really attracted me. I did want to see all the usual touristy things near Reykjavik (where we would be based) though, and I lazily didn't want to hire a car.

So our holiday was a relaxed affair, with tourist buses, no camping, no hiking, and a fair bit of city walking. We did squeeze in a whale watching trip.

With that in mind I looked at weather forecasts and made clothing plans. Because as we all know, there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Icelandic weather in September isn't cold, but it can feel that way due to wind chill (very strong winds) and lots of rain. So I looked for wind and waterproof clothing and some new walking boots. I also made sure I'd got enough pairs of Heat Holders socks because if I know one thing about the outdoors, it's that warm feet are essential for happiness.

I didn't have an unlimited budget though so I used discount stores, sales and the old faithful, eBay, for my purchases.

DD needed some new walking boots and as she's vegan leather was out of the question. That's a shame as leather boots are really good for protection, waterproofing, warmth and durability. Finding boots with no leather was tricky but Amazon was our friend here and we found some excellent boots from a Chinese seller, I used a waterproofing spray on them before we left and they were comfy and waterproof and are lasting well.

I plumped for some simple leather boots with as few seams as possible.

We both needed water proof and warm trousers so I risked a purchase from a Chinese eBay seller, the trick here is to always leave plenty of time and to measure yourself accurately. The trousers we ordered fitted well, were thermal, and when tested proved to be waterproof. A bargain at just under £15 

Along with snoods, hats and scarves we felt pretty prepared. I bought a lightweight rucksack which proved really useful and we both took flasks and cup soups for our trips out (to save money, beat the queues and keep warm). So off we went.

Find out later how it went (in case you missed all the tweets)

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Secret Soltice Festival, Iceland, offers a VIP offer that has to be seen to be believed

I'm off to Iceland later this year but I'm not (sadly) going to The Secret Solstice festival there in June. If I was though, would I be getting the ultimate VIP ticket?

Well many festivals now have VIP options, an extra bar, maybe posh showers but  the Secret Solstice festival has gone to 11...because they now offer the most expensive festival ticket in the world..with some of the most amazing 'extras' to go with it.

Iceland’s Secret Solstice Announces $1 Million Dollar Ticket With All New Perks

The world’s most expensive festival ticket is back and better than ever.
Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival, set in 96 hours of continuous daylight June 21-24, is excited to once again present the world’s most expensive festival ticket retailing at $1 million USD with all new uber luxurious perks.

From private jet travel to extravagant Icelandic dinners and luxury sightseeing to private parties with headline artists, this is without a doubt the most exclusive festival pass ever offered on the planet.

With just one golden ticket up for grabs, the princely priced pass gets roundtrip pick up via private chartered business jet for six people, as well as luxury accommodation for the entire festival week including an exclusive private party with a Secret Solstice headline artist.

For those who’s pockets aren’t quite as deep as $1 million dollars, Secret Solstice also offers two other more affordable in comparison luxury ticket tiers, 
Package of the Gods for $14800 and Oðinn for $1865. What’s included?

For Oðinn, purchasers enjoy perks like entry to the new Oðinn pop-up lounge, complimentary food and drinks at the festival, side event discounts and more.

With only three Package of the Gods passes available, the festival ticket is perfect for fans wanting to enjoy their favorite artists in style.
Encompassing everything offered to Oðinn members, the pass also includes helicopter transfers to glaciers and lava tunnels, complimentary access to all side party events, luxury accommodation for two, a private Icelandic dining experience and more.

While not quite in the same league as the seven digit $1 million ticket, it’s a perfect option for those wanting to splurge.

Boasting one of the most eclectic lineups of 2018, the festival now in its fifth year is pleased to welcome Slayer who are on their final world tour to the Secret Solstice stage alongside Stormzy, Gucci Mane, Bonnie Tyler, Clean Bandit, Death From Above, Steve Aoki, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and more top names in rock, hip hop and dance music from Iceland and around the world.

 Throw in spectacular add-on side events inside glaciers and lava tunnels as well as the country’s magnificent scenery complete with volcanic beaches, jaw-dropping waterfalls, ginormous glaciers, and the infamous Blue Lagoon, there are so many reasons to check out Secret Solstice this summer.

For $1 million ticket inquiries, please send expression of interest to:  << I added this because I am aware that my readers include millionaires

With more amazing experiences still yet to be announced, THE FULL $1 MILLION TICKET PACKAGE includes the following: 

  • Fly round trip to Iceland in a private chartered business jet (Gulfstream G300 or similar) for six people from any destination on Earth 
  • Luxury accommodation for the Secret Solstice 2018 festival week 
  •  Welcome Villa party with unlimited champagne and Icelandic delicacies prepared by a private chef Party with an international music artist at an exclusive private concert party for you and your select invited guests 
  • An exclusive mini ​66North ​hotel pop-up so you can have the VIP personal shopping experience from the comfort of your room with an outfit from 66Nort​h​ Private ​glam squad to provide personal hair, makeup and grooming everyday 
  •  Premium luggage set so you travel ​to the festival ​in style 
  •  Icelandic skincare treatments on-site at the festival everyday 
  • Access to spa treatments throughout the duration of your stay 24/7 access to two deluxe cars, personal drivers, and private escort for the entire week in Iceland 
  • Daily relaxation massages for you and your guests 
  • Catered private World Cup viewing party with prominent Icelandic chef for any game of your choosing for you and your friends 
  • Private helicopter tour over the glaciers and volcanoes of South Iceland 
  • Special Secret Solstice summer picnic ​and a night at a luxury hotel ​in the lush ambience of the Icelandic countryside 
  • VIP midnight sun yacht party for you and your friends with ​a​rtists on the lineup 
  • Premium treatment, backstage access and priority fast-track access during the festival 
  • Boutique festival tent on-site fully stocked and serviced including wi-fi, electricity and a complimentary weather pack to enjoy the festival in complete comfort 
  •  Lavish Icelandic gift hamper on arrival on-site at Secret Solstice 2018 
  •  All food and drinks served at Secret Solstice, including hyper-premium drinks and bespoke exquisite cocktails 
  •  All you can eat Icelandic hot dogs at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, “a world-famous hot dog stand” 
  • Journey across the Langjökull glacier by snowmobile ​and sledding 
  • Capture your glacial experience with a well-known Icelandic photographer 
  • Explore the natural geothermal hot springs 
  •  Private dinner + chef’s table at Iceland's top exclusive restaurant​s​ specializing in Icelandic cuisine 
  • Private yacht safari among floating icebergs 
  • Private horseback riding session with purebred Icelandic Horses Sensory dining experience by candlelight inside a cave 
  •  Access to ​all sold out​ Secret Solstice side event music experiences including Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel​ Plus more speciality services to be released for our 1 million dollar guest 
Wow, just wow, I fear my own trip to Iceland will be ...erm...let's say 'more low key'. But having seen Iceland I just know I will have as much fun there as if I had spent $1million

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