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Camping in the last last week of october has taught me....

1. It is not darkest just before the dawn, but it is coldest. 2. Baked beans are amazing for breakfast and warm your very soul. 3. The best way to get warm is to get dressed & do the washing up. 4. A sleeping bag, a duvet, pjs, a hat & bed socks can make a subzero night toasty warm. 5. Taking extra gas is a good idea. 6. Instant porridge is the invention of a genius. 7. Showering is over-rated. 8. 2 girls aged 10&11 can amuse themselves for hours at a time in the countryside. 9. I can still read a book in 3 days when I have time! 10. Caravan's are for wimps :-) 11. The English countryside is gorgeous in the sun, not always warm, but always beautiful. 12. Birdwatching is fun (tawny owl, buzzard, kestrel, spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, crows) Have you camped in a tent this late in the year? Did you enjoy it? Would you consider doing it?
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