Campervans and tents and festival storms

Last weekend I went to Camp Bestival. Unusually for me I didn't take a tent! I fulfilled a bit of a bucket list dream and hired a gorgeous and retro VW campervan called Molly. She is pink! DD and I had an exhilarating drive, (exhilarating is the polite way of saying terrifying) from Sussex to Dorset. Old campers have no power steering (obviously) and a top speed of about 60mph (downhill with a good wind.) They take a while to get used to after driving a Fiat Panda I can tell you!

So the first hour was punctuated by swearing, giggling and screams, but once we were out of the country lanes and filled with petrol and on our way it was fine, Molly and I quickly became firm friends. VW Campers are great little campers for just 2 of you and real solid little things, Molly had no trouble with driving across fields uphill, and once parked up she was a glorious little home for 4 days of the festival.

It turned out to be a good year to choose to take a camper van, because the wind started …

Camp Bestival 2018 review of (probably) the best family festival on Earth

Hello! I am back from one of the best family festivals on earth, Camp Bestival,  and I'm not only saying that because they gifted me a ticket!
This year the festival was sadly cut short by horrendous storms and wind, but no one wants doom and gloom so here are the fun bits!

First off, we hired a camper van this year! So minimal tentsniffing for me, but the joy of a cute pink VW camper instead.(more of her soon)

Day one was Thursday. Hot and sunny we drove (slowly in the elderly camper) to the site. Parked high on the hill and gazed down over the festival. Thursday evening we spent lazing about because we assumed we had so much time...note to self, seize the moment! (rules for life and festivals) do not assume you have days and days left..)

Day two. The festival begins. There is much prowling and getting orientated, and this is because with Bestival being held on the same site one week later the layout had changed slightly. Initially (like many people I'm sure) I hated the chang…

Cornbury Festival Review

What an amazing weekend. Helped of course by the most amazing summer weather that many of you will ever have experienced. After several weeks of blazing sun and high temperatures a part of me was afraid the weather would break just as the festival season kicked off, but no! The weather Gods smiled upon us and Cornbury went ahead with scorched grass and blue blue skies.

You'll have seen the line up in my previous posts, so I won't go on and on about how simply fabulous Alanis Morrissette was, or how Caro Emerald looked and sounded amazing and had the entire crowd dancing and swaying with her and her (rather handsome) band. I won't bang on about the fun set by Amy McDonald, or how incredible Jimmy Cliff was (even my teenager loved his reggae hits and danced along). I won't bore you with how Pixie Lott wowed the crowds or how gorgeous Marie Wilson looked , and how much fun we all had singing along to her 1983 hit Just What I always Wanted. (Goodness it was a joyous blast …

Let's talk about Gin

Festivals are the perfect time to relax and have a drink. Any camping is really, the joy of having nowhere to go, the relaxing sound of babbling brooks or bird song or the wind in the trees..or music drifting across the site...

At Camp Bestival Josie has previously treated us to a very 'Highgate mums' style cocktail garden with cute caravan bar, which just immediately makes you feel like a yummy mummy as you sip on something that probably contains at least one of your 'five a day' (I am a huge fan of a spicy Bloody Mary with celery)

This year we are leaping onto the gin lovers bandwagon as Rob and Josie have a Gin festival planned! A festival within a festival.

An unmissable destination for any adult with an adventurous palate and a must for the dedicated gin enthusiast at Camp Bestival, take some time out from traditional festival pursuits to sip a delicious gin & tonic or try a de…

Coping with weekend after weekend of festivals

People have asked me how I cope with so many festivals in such a short space of time each summer. Is it amazing advanced planning? Spending loads of money or a wild and carefree attitude to life?

I'd say it's a mix of all of those. Most summers I do four or more festivals and as summer is fairly limited in the UK, in practice this means I usually have little or no time between the festivals. Every year there are festivals I can't go to because of clashes...choices must be made. This year the top picks are Camp Bestival,Cornbury, Boomtown Fair, and England's Medieval festival. (I also squeezed in a one day festival and ComicCon)

I have managed to get a week between some of the festivals I'm going to this year, so I can get the washing done! But what planning do I do?

First I plan what I (and my daughter)  are going to wear. I tend to take a fair bit of 'fancy dress', underwear, a pair of jeans, some T shirts and a jumper, fleece and waterproof coat. Wellies …

Eating Vegan at Camp Bestival

Not to be confused with eating an actual vegan...

My lovely teen has recently embraced the vegan lifestyle and so while I am still looking forward to pulled pork, brisket baps and a bacon buttie or three at Camp Bestival, the teen will be in search of less murderous fayre.

And no creamy mash or cheesy chips of course. So what can she expect and more importantly will she have enough choice?

Well, yes. Because of course Camp Bestival is not only about music, fun, kids, and fancy dress, no! It is also about food! (and cocktails but shh, right now food is our theme)

In 2018 at the Camp Bestival Feast Collective there will be a whole vegan (and vegetarian) section, with YOUNG VEGANSBIFF’S JACK SHACK , ARANCINI BROS , HAPPY MAKI , and MILGI

Now if, like me you clicked through on any of those links you may well be drooling, because they all sound amazing. I don't think lack of choice will be an issue, I think being able to try everything might be!

Young Vegans focus on a truly British …

Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire

Hello festival fans, I'm here to tell you about another festival, don't panic though, this time the tickets are not a million dollars!

No the tickets for Nozstock are a snap at £115 for adults

Nozstock The Hidden Valley has revealed a wave of artists, performers, and entertainers performing at the festival's 20th anniversary this summer.

From Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July 2017, the family-friendly festival celebrates two decades of mesmerising get-togethers on a working farm in the rolling hills of Herefordshire. Curated by the father and daughter duo of Pete and Ella and their huge extended family, Nozstock has flourished over the years into one of the country’s weird and wonderful odysseys.

Artists newly revealed include We Are Scientists, The Blockheads, Reginald D Hunter, Honeyfeet, Mad Dog Mcrea, Jalen N’Gonda, Slamboree Soundsystem, Spunge, Uncle Dugs, Mollie Collins and many more, along with an abundance of further performers across the festival, taking place at…