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Iceland - My Favourite Day

My daughter and I had an amazing time in Iceland last year.

My highlight of the trip though was not the northern lights (we went in September - right at the start of the season and we were too lazy to go out late at night to search for them) and it was not the Blue Lagoon (neither of us are spa fans, and the price and the man made aspect of the place put us off - I'll never make it as an instagrammer)

No, the thing that I loved the most was the ice.

Iceland is mostly green and Greenland is mostly ice, that's just one of those odd things. But there is ice in Iceland, even in the warmth of the late summer.

Somewhat scarily the glaciers are shrinking though, far too quickly. But for now, we can still visit them and marvel at the chunks of ice falling into the sea and washing back up onto the black volcanic sandy beach at Jokulsarlon.

You can even watch for yourself via a live webcam! 

The day was long, up early and then a long coach trip - but lovely to be able to just sit and gaz…

Cornbury Festival 2019

Last year I discovered a new festival and it was great. I don't know why I have only just found out about Cornbury as this will be its 16th Year! I love a grown up feel to a festival, neither a kids's festival (though I do love those for being silly, it's also nice to sip a glass of chardonnay in a deckchair while listening to something 'mummy likes' once in a while), nor a teen festival (I'm all for the odd late night rave and drunken stagger back to the tent at 4am occasionally but sometimes I like to be more...refined) The Cornbury Festival at the Great Tew Park turned out to be just lovely.

The flat ground meant that we could easily get all the tent things to our pitch. There were comedy tents, a vintage cinema, a helter skelter, even a 2p arcade, candy floss, a WI tent and local children performing on the smaller stages. The whole glorious relaxed vibe was ably assisted by perfect English weather.

I can recommend Cornbury festival to older couples and fami…

Camp Bestival 2019 - What's On?

#AdGifted What's that about? As you know each year I'm an ambassador for Camp Bestival and 2019 will be no different. I am here to tell you all you've ever wanted to know about Camp Bestival and share my past photos and fun stories from past years in exchange for gifted tickets to the main event.
I've been attending Camp Bestival since my daughter was little and she's grown up in the embrace of one of the safest festivals I know. Over the years she has braved climbing walls, made sticker models and flower crowns, eaten pies in fields and watched brave wasp tamers. I'm hoping that 2019 at Camp Bestival will bring more of the same. This year the festival is being held over the weekend of the 25th -28th July.

Camp Bestival is family festival. I cannot stress that enough. It is the perfect festival for the 'new to festivals' type and still excellent fun for the festival fan. Safe to bring the entire family, including babes in arms, and an excellent festival…