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Camping Gift Ideas

It's coming up to Christmas. It's cold out and most tent campers have packed the canvas away until spring. (not all of you though I bet! and I STILL have 'camping in deep snow' on my bucket list..) So finding things to blog about is not always easy. Then I realised that gifts for the next season would be a good theme. This is not a sponsored post . And it's based on things I own and love and things I don't own but really deeply desire for camping. A Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Camper A Storm Kettle . I have a Kelly kettle , though other brands are available. Boil water in moments using sticks and other fuel found around. It seems like an expensive item but it will last for ever (barring bear attack, being trampled by herds of wildebeest, meteor strike etc) and saves money by enabling you to cook without buying fuel. It also makes cooking fun, slightly dangerous, and entertaining. Feel like a proper mountain man, and have a great excuse to send the kids
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