Festivals Full of Food

As a festival lover I've mentioned before that it's not all mud, tents and music. There are all sorts of festivals and one of the best must surely be a festival of Food!

sausage rolls  at a festival market

Even if you are dieting there is joy to be found at a food festival, outside, breathing in the glorious British weather (hopefully sunny and warm, though one never know!) and gazing at the glory of fine local and not so local foods. The chance to discover new goodies, to buy for an impromptu picnic, or something more special. And then there are recipe ideas and demonstrations, competitions and all manner of cakes!

Rain and Camp Bestival (never in the same place at the same time)

Today it is raining. But at Camp Bestival it doesn't rain. I know as I've been there every year since 2010 and we have only once had a tiny shower. Camp Bestival is the place to take children to experience real life, out door life, a holiday camp in a field, with a castle, with magical things...

Check out the video and if you are still not filled with the desire to join me there this year...well, I'll just have to lure you with cocktails and comedy and ...so much more

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