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Where to stay at a festival if tents are not for you

It pains me to admit it but I realise that some people don't like tents...I know right? ...but for those people, here is a blog post about festival accomodation. There are people that don't go to festivals not because they hate the thought of a sunny day drinking beer and listening to music in a field, but because they fear nighttime loo trips, leaky tents, winds breaking your flag pole and uncomfortable deflated matresses. Accomodation is variable at most festivals Well never fear! First I must add a quick note that if you don't fear all the above but you don't have a tent and all the kit and don't really want to slash out for a festival, or have no place to store all that, let alone transport it! Then there is still the opportunity to attend a festival. You could either opt for the ready pitched tent option (always looks a bit regimented for my liking but certainly saves time and effort)  or go for the rent a festival kit option. There are also posh
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