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Wilderness Festival 2013 - a review in poetry

Come with me to the wild wild wood  And see where pixies roam  Where sprites and fairies late have stood  Their bare feet on the loam Come and look in the wild wild wood Where any attire ‘goes’ Flowers, feathers, golden masks And even spandex hose! Come and write in the wild wild wood  And tell tall tales of tails Smile and tell your fairy myths Of gardens, spas and snails Come and eat in the wild wild wood  More soup, or cake, or chips But now it seems it’s pizza time Tomorrow veg and dips Come and drink in the wild wild wood Vodka, by the glass And cider, beer and cocktails too Until you sleep at last Come and skate in the wild wild wood Whooshing through the trees Slipping, sliding down the slopes Landing on your knees Come and shop in the wild wild wood Vintage, bags and hats Bubbles, jewellery and drums The tails and ears of cats! Come and play in the wild wild wood Nude cricket or ping pong Drink, and practice circus skills Maybe sing a song Come and swim in the wild wild wood O…

Camp Bestival - Family Friendly Festival

The first festival we ever went to was Eastern Haze. it was billed as 'family friendly' but in reality was a festival for music lovers with some fun kids activities thrown in. Camp Bestival on the other hand is a fab kids festival with some music thrown in. As DD and I often prefer the events on the periphery to the actual music this suits us just fine. And like the previous 3 years we had great fun at Camp Bestival. There were some changes though and we tried to embrace the new, but couldn't help missing the comedy, (thought the comedy for kids was fun) and the Sunday morning review of the papers in the Big Top which had always been one of our highlights. The talks at the literary tent really failed to fill the tent, unlike when it was comedians and the tent was bursting! So we are not alone in preferring a laugh to a cookery or a business talk! We enjoyed the crafts and took part in several, we also lounged about and ate a lot. I enjoyed the chance to camp and to dr…