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Festivals for the (mildly) disabled

I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, I am a mother and I work full time as an IT Manager. CMT has probably shaped who I am the most as it’s been withme the longest, although it was not diagnosed until I was 36, I had beenshowing symptoms since my early teens and I had had some surgeryon my feet in my twenties. My hands’ clawing was at first assumed (byme) to be related to my job and excessive computer use but a keenneurologist said that as soon as he saw me walk across the room heknew I had CMT! 

My main symptoms are weakness, tiredness and poor balance.  

CMT certainly doesn’t define me though. I am a keen camper and  part time festival hippy. Every summer I can hardlywait for the weather to be good enough to tempt me out in my tent. Iam a minimalist Glamper! No electricity hook up but plenty of bunting,solar powered fairy lights and flowery deckchairs. My husband doesn’tshare my camping bug so I camp with my 13-year-old daughter.  To ensure I can get the tent up on my own I use a Dutch…