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Cornbury Festival Review

What an amazing weekend. Helped of course by the most amazing summer weather that many of you will ever have experienced. After several weeks of blazing sun and high temperatures a part of me was afraid the weather would break just as the festival season kicked off, but no! The weather Gods smiled upon us and Cornbury went ahead with scorched grass and blue blue skies. You'll have seen the line up in my previous posts , so I won't go on and on about how simply fabulous Alanis Morrissette was, or how Caro Emerald looked and sounded amazing and had the entire crowd dancing and swaying with her and her (rather handsome) band. I won't bang on about the fun set by Amy McDonald, or how incredible Jimmy Cliff was (even my teenager loved his reggae hits and danced along). I won't bore you with how Pixie Lott wowed the crowds or how gorgeous Marie Wilson looked , and how much fun we all had singing along to her 1983 hit Just What I always Wanted. (Goodness it was a joyou
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