Wasps. Why do we hate them?

Wasps haven't been as numerous this year as other years and I for one am grateful for that. I know that all creatures have their place in the food chain, and that destroying every wasp on the planet would be bad, but it's pretty hard to love a wasp.

In the spring they are industrious little gits, bringing up the wasp babies and catching and eating many a caterpillar and maggot, helping the gardener (though causing many butterfly tears no doubt as yet another baby is carried off to the paper house of death)

Photo Copyright: viktor2013 / 123RF Stock Photo 

In the summer they potter about looking for fruit and as the year progresses they become the total pain in the arses we all know and hate. Inebriated on fermented apple, and searching for a fight like the angry drunks they are, they waiver about the place indecisively looking for places to land. Drawn as they are to meat (I once watched amazed as one tried and almost succeeded to fly off with a piece of steak twice its own size as I relaxed outside a pub one lunch time) and to alcohol and of course anything sweet and any small child within 100 yards, they are a real annoyance.

I have decided that while it's the sting that worries us, and the fact they seem keener to sting that a bee does, it's their indecisive nature that is the real problem.

"Just drink the coke and leave!" we scream, but no, the wasp bumbles incessantly around the lip of the can, will it go in? will it stay on the lid? will it just fly about forever??

"Just make up your mind wasp! We have loads of food, take some and leave!" but no, of course it will weave about in front of your face, threatening to alight on your fork and then at the last minute heading for your glass...

While we, grown humans, flail about, squealing and shrieking, failing majestically to do anything other than look ridiculous.

And that is why I hate wasps. The stupid wiggly flight path, the inability to decide where to go and what to do next.

And not just because they sting you, though that too. Sometimes if you are really unlucky, they might even kill you. I've been stung once. I have had the dubious joy of a wasps' nest in the loft of my house, and this year I've killed several while camping, using only a spatula...

What are your thoughts on wasps? Love them as a stripey part of nature? or hate the yellow horrors? Do let me know of your wasp experiences.

Outdoor food on Friday - September 11th 2015

Friday again and I'm still after your outside food posts. (see how persistent I am? You may as well join in!)

This week has seen me back at work after a summer of festivals and camping. So this weeks outdoor food is a fondly remembered meal in a field at a festival. I do wish I could be at festivals all summer long, they really are fabulous!

Have you been eating outside and blogged about it? Have you a recipe that travels well for a camper or hiker? A cake that resists squashing in a rucksack? All outdoor food themed posts gladly accepted.

Please grab a badge for your blog (I'd love if you did this even if you don't have a post to link up) and link up below. Please also share on social media if you can - I'd like some posts to read!

Thank you

(I'll try and do a recipe next week - what sort of things would be good? warming winter soups or cake for mountain walks?) 
TentSniffing for Beginners

Outdoor Food on Friday - September 4th 2015

I know how time and calendars work but still, September! Gosh it seems time is whizzing by - I'm so many blog posts behind as I've been having such a fun summer under canvas, now you'll all be able to catch up with what I've been up to as I catch up with blog posts during the long wet weekends of autumn and winter. But more of that later!

Fire in an upcycled washing machine drum, great for windy days (and marshmallows)
Right now it's Outdoor food time. Last week I was braving torrential rain, gale force winds and the wild camp sites of the Isle of Wight with my daughter, my brother, and my niece.

Despite the atrocious weather we did manage to cook and eat outside a fair bit - large fried breakfasts being a favourite, with bottles of cava and brandy in the evening, well you have to keep the chill at bay!

Have you been cooking or eating outside? Do you have a recipe to share? Please grab the badge (copy and paste the code in the box below) and display it on your blog, and link up below!

Outdoor Food on Friday

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