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Curious Arts Festival 2016

So I expect you are all wondering, did I manage to see all of the things I hoped to at the Curious Arts Festival?

curious arts festival programme

Well, no. But I experienced all I needed. We arrived on the Friday and the cricket match was in full swing already, sadly it's a short walk form the camp site and the main festival site, and after pitching the tent in the scorching sunshine all I fancied was a snooze and an ice cold beer! Couple with the fact we had the small puppy with us (and she was panting in the shade) we decided to miss the cricket in favour of total non exertion.

Camp Bestival - my review of 2015

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately. It’s summer time (yes really, despite the weird weather) and so it is my favourite time, Festival Season. I started in May of course, then there was a long gap  (picture my sad face here) but then it was July and at the end of it there was Camp Bestival!

Yippee! This year the headliners were the Kaiser Chiefs so with a huge dose of over excitement I had bought my tickets as soon as they were available. I once thought DD had grown too old for Camp Bestival, after all it’s Bestival’s younger sibling; a festival that caters for breastfeeding mums, tiny babies, toddlers, and over excited 4 year old Mr Tumble fans. But since the arrival of the Den and this year a really excellent lineup (my teen demanded a T shirt with the band list on the back this year, a sure fire way to check if your festival is ‘cool’) we are both back in love again, in fact DD has declared it once again has the top slot in her ‘favourite festivals’.

We arrived on Thursday and pitched up on a rapidly filling camp site. I love the main camping fields, the boutique and glamping fields always look a bit regimented to me. I love to look at the various tent styles, the mix of colours and shapes, the way everyone squeezes their tents into each gap, I imagine from the air it would resemble a vast game of Tetris as we all set up.

The weather was perfect, I suspect Rob Da Bank is in league with mysterious powers as he seems to always have perfect weather for this amazing festival. DD enjoyed just roaming the site, meeting up with one of her teachers (what are the chances!?) who was leading nature walks down to the lake, of course we had to go, and it was lovely. I wore my ballgown (of course) and rabbit ears…and now DD is dreading the next parents evening.

We really enjoyed the comedy which was back this year. Plenty of vulgar jokes, swearing and general rudeness, totally unsuitable for children, as the signs outside the tent demonstrated. It was a little strange therefore to find it in the Lower Kid’s Field…(best part was one of the comedians asking a ten year old what the worst swear he knew was, so we could know how rude to be, after checking it was OK to answer with his mum, he blurted out C*NT into the microphone and the tent erupted! hilarious)

We watched movies (Madagascar, yes I've seen it before - I still cried) in the morning in the Big Top, while eating bacon sandwiches and drinking cranberry and vodka, my festival breakfast drink of choice.

We also enjoyed watching the stunt riding at the jousting arena, this year 'Cossack' themed, excellent riding and stunning horses.

One of my highlights was The Jam Jar Cocktail bar again, not just the bearded guy mixing my drink, but the drinks themselves, a delicious margarita and a suitable spicy Bloody Mary, complete with celery (two of my 5 a day right there!)

Talking of food, I was able to lose my Nandos virginity this year at Camp Bestival, I opted for a ‘hot’ wrap while DD went for ‘no sauce, milder than mild’. I rather enjoyed it too, cheeky.

The Insect Circus had some new acts and was as much fun as always. Listening to The Kings Parade at the bandstand in glorious sunshine, while I lay on my blanket (I was just resting my eyes!) was so lovely and relaxing and Dd loved hearing Ella Henderson on the main stage, though a set change meant we missed a food talk I had hoped to attend.

A surprise favourite for me was a band I had previously never heard of (spookily we heard their latest track on Radio 1 as we drove to Camp Bestival!) Slaves, very fun and punk, and energetic, I still think that’s one of the best things about festivals, the random discoveries.

The Kaiser Chiefs were excellent, despite a packed field so we didn’t have a great view it was fun to join in the massed sing-along with Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! (ahaaaaaahahaaahaaa) And the fireworks that close the whole thing were as good as always.

So much more to see and do than I've mentioned here - a real 'week's holiday in 4 days' - do check out the slide show below.

Can't wait for next year now - the countdown has begun.

Grab you tickets at where you can sign up for a weekly payment plan to spread the cost at no extra cost to you!

*PS yes I can say and write the word, I just favour not having the blog found via it as a search term! I'm not a prude, honest!

Throwback Thursday

I thought I'd join in with Throwback Thursday today. Sparked mainly as DD and I were poring over some old photos of festivals we'd been to. So it's not a picture of me, but DD, that graces the blog today.

DD declared this her favourite photo of herself at a festival. She was about 6 and it was at Eastern Haze, in 2007, the first festival we attended and the one that got us hooked. A gorgeous summer, with rain and mud, great music, icecreams, drugs (in the air, we didn't partake), light sabres and funfairs.

Isn't she a natural hippy?

hippy child in wellies at a festival eating icecream

Top 10 essential things to know, do or bring to, Camp Bestival

Top 10 essential things to know, do or bring to, Camp Bestival

With just over a week to go I realise the blog tips have become rather large and unwieldy for the novice festival goer (eg my brother, who is accompanying me this year with his family - an entire family of festival virgins!) So here is a mini list (with links to more detail where necessary) of the actual vital stuff you need to know.

crowded festival tents at camp bestival

  1. First off. While Camp Bestival is a music festival that is far from all it is. It was begun as a spin off of Bestival as a cross between a Holiday Camp, and a festival. They even have their very own Blue Coats! Of course this means there is loads to do, plenty of comedy, films, shows, circus acts, craft
    areas etc for children from as young as babies to teens. This year there is also a teen Den, just for those 13 - 17 to hang out. Perfect for the festival goers of tomorrow to get a feel for festival life away from their parents. As the site is a castle they also have a jousting area and the knights joust for your pleasure at various times during the weekend. On the last night there is a spectacular fireworks finale.
  2. Camp site. It is hilly. You will probably need a trolley to transport all your stuff from the car park. If you don't own one you can hire them at the festival. Take the tent and minimal stuff on the first trip, find your spot (it gets crowded) and pitch the tent. Be polite to your neighbours, make friends, share a glass of wine, you never know when you may need their help! Tents can end up very close together, consider earplugs if you are a light sleeper, I also take an eye mask as my tent lets light in very early! The walkways between the tents are well lit with suspended lights and these stay on nearly all night, it makes a trip to the loo relatively easy but can keep you awake if you pitch near them.
  3. Hygiene and Toilets - everyone panics about festival loos and while they can be bad, they are usually OK - Camp Bestival has very well organised toilet facilities. There are portable chemical toilets in the main camping
    area (these are often emptied, but in the early morning, don't camp too close or you'll be woken by the trucks arriving) They are kept pretty clean. There are washing facilities near them (cold water only). There are also showers and posh flushing loos that you can pay to use. And in the festival site itself there are compost loos, daunting at first (they have a long drop under the seat!) but actually pretty nice to use. Bring your own loo roll, wet wipes and hand sanitiser - make a small pack of these items to carry with you. Personal chemical  toilets are not allowed in the camping areas as there is nowhere to empty them. Ladies may like to consider buying a Shewee. While there are showers they often have long queues and cost extra. For 4 days I tend to just shower before I leave home, use wetwipes at the festival and shower when I get home again. Take lots of wet wipes.
  4. Do buy the programme, spend some time planning the stuff you really can't miss, try and spot times
    that you will be free for meals etc. leave space between acts if you can (unless they are on the same stage) as you need to move around the site, use the toilets and get drinks too! If you are a family, ensure everyone gets to see at least one thing they really love each day. Consult the map to plan travel between the tents/stages. Some tents get filled early so consider that in your plans, if you arrive late you may not get in.
  5. Food. There is lots to buy but it's not cheap. Balance meals out with meals at the tent and take snacks. You can cook on small portable gas cookers outside. Take things that are quick to heat to save time and gas, tinned food is a good idea, baked beans, hotdogs, chilli etc (remember a tin opener!). No glass is allowed on site so no jars of pasta sauce, baby food, or bottles of wine etc. Bringing your own alcohol is allowed in the camping area only (there are bars in the festival site) and not in glass, think bags of wine, tins of G&T and cans of beer. Take snacks (especially for kids)  eg individual cartons of juice (there is drinking water available at lots of locations) packets of biscuits, apples, dried fruit, croissants, cakes (individually wrapped are great!) packets of crisps etc. Don't forget to visit the WI tent for a cheap and cheerful cup of tea and a piece of cake, or maybe a sandwich.
  6. Weather. Most years it has been sunny. So come prepared. Bring light clothing and suncream, sunhats and flowers for your hair too (yes even the men). But be prepared for rain, bring wellies and a waterproof jacket. As it's a festival wellies, especially funky coloured ones, have become ubiquitous, many people wear wellies everyday regardless of the weather. This year with The Wild Things project there may be opportunities for messy play and tree climbing so you may want to bring suitable clothing for that too!
  7. Lulworth Camp Weather forecast ©
  8. Money. There is loads to spend your money on at Camp Bestival, from bubble wands to vintage
    fashion. Flower hair garlands and fancy dress. Try and stock up with the sort of things that will be popular with children before you arrive, it will save you £££s. Things to buy before you go include; glowsticks, bubbles, furry tails, flower hair bands, fancy dress, balloons, diablos, hula hoops, frisbees (soft ones!) and sponge balls. If you run out of cash at Camp Bestival, there are cash machines, they will charge you a fee and there may be queues. Lots of the shops will take cards though. There are both camping supplies shops (for when you realise you forgot the tent pegs) and basic grocers (selling fresh milk, fruit, bread etc) onsite too - they are cornershop prices rather than supermarket prices, but handy if you forget things or run out of anything
  9. Fancy Dress. This years theme is Circus. So anything from clowns to popcorn sellers, bearded ladies to elegant horses, the fancy dress ideas are numerous. You could even dress as a big top! Most people make some effort to dress up a bit. It needn't be elaborate, a red nose, a funny hat, but you may regret it if you don't join in. Some families go to extreme and amazing lengths with their costumes!
  10. Rubbish. There are lots of bins onsite, in the festival itself and in the camp site. Take some binbags and keep your rubbish in it, keep your space tidy. On the last day check you leave your space clean and tidy. It will take you 5 minutes to clean your area up and chuck the bin bag in the rubbish area, Don't leave it for someone else to do. Paying rubbish clean up crews puts festival costs up, help keep prices lower (and animals safer) by leaving just a patch of yellowing grass behind.
  11. Be flexible. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry. Wee when you are ....needing a wee! Don't stress over healthy food, or washing, or bedtimes. It is (sadly) only 4 days, just go with the flow and have an awesome time. 

See you there - say hello, you can buy me a Pims!

Don't forget that while there is a medical tent if you need antihistamines, Calpol or any other medicines it's wise to buy before you travel and bring them with you. Illegal drugs are of course still illegal - even at a festival

A festival virgin tells all!

I thought it was time we heard from someone else! I hunted about for a willing sacrificial virgin, and found one in the shape of Mamafurfur on twitter, a self confessed festival virgin! Off to Latitude this year and who knows where next year? I asked her a few questions about why she decided to take the plunge...

Tell us a bit about yourself
I'm 32yrs old new Mummy to 1/Wife to 1/Step-Mummy to 3 who sidelines as an IT sales executive during the days. Background in Electronic Engineering, but since having small dude last June, love to write about my experience of life since then and in my world in general. We also share our home with 2 rescue cats.

Do you think of yourself as a country or a city sort? 
City girl that enjoys the country, and the freedom/peace/silence it brings  

Have you been camping before? If so where and what did you like/dislike about it? 
Used to go caravaning as a child with my family, but nope never been camping before in my life. I like running water and electricity too much does my wavy hair like having straighteners as to not frighten people during the day. Love the idea of getting away from all the modern restrictions of life and being "connected" at all times, and just enjoying more relaxed and simplistic living even for a few days. Dislike the thought of my hair without said electricity... 

What was the best Music gig you've been to? 
Best gig would have to be one recently, The Temperance Movement in the Glasgow QMU, but also got to see my favourite band of the moment Halestorm this year which was amazing due to so many songs being very meaningful to me in the last 2 yrs. 

What made you consider a festival this year? 
Have always wanted to go and experience it, and this year Husband and I decided to do "things we wish we have done" each month. I took the plunge and booked up for my first festival during a time when our little dude will be looked after for a few nights, so it will be perfect date/first experience combined. Husband also loves music just as much as I do. 

Will you be going to the festival alone? With family? With friends? 
Going with Husband, who has been to a festival before (Download) 

What sort of tent/camper/yurt option have you gone for? 
Just a tent option....although hotel might be booked as backup plan if it all goes badly ;O) 

What are your packing essentials? 
Being Scottish, that means I prepare for rain at all times - wellies, rain coat, suncream, sunglasses, oldish clothes, camera, money 


Why did you choose Latitude? 
Timing really was the issue this year, and when we had little dude looked after diary confirmed, we choose our festival based on that weekend. Lineup also looked great for those dates, pricing good, so it was the ideal first festival as it has a mixture of comedy, music and arts. Plus it seems to cater for the whole family really well which means we might potentially return in coming year.s

Did you read blogs/media about festivals before you decided? 
Read reviews of past Latitude festivals, and the online info, and nothing seemed off putting. Seemed very friendly and less "all about getting drunk" atmosphere. Really seems as if it will be full days value for money with all types of they appear to have places that sell fish and chips. Bonus!  


What are you looking forward to? What are the positive things about a festival you hope to enjoy? 
Mostly being there having never done anything like this before. My hope is to either feel that this is something we will do again, perhaps this one or another music festival, but to have said we have done it and lived out one of my dreams. 

What are you dreading? What are the nasty things you worry you might have to brave! 
I have to let you into a secret - we have paid for the posh upgraded toilets to use each day as the thought of sharing horrible toilets puts me right off. Don't fancy that one bit - God bless the idea of having nicer toilets! And really hoping the weather is good as I'm not very good in the rain/wind/cold - ironically being Scottish and all.... 

Is this a test trip to a festival? Do you plan to do more if you like it? Or is it a 'one off' for a bucket list!? 
Its kinda started as a one off bucket list idea, but I am really hoping that this potentially turns into a yearly or few years thing for our family. I didn't realise there were "family" festivals out there, and my eyes have been opened. I actually think the dates of the festival played to our advantage and we might end up finding a concept we love for our wee family for years to come.  

Will you be blogging about your experiences? 
Absolutely! All experiences to be shared with others, and look forward to putting it up online towards end of July time!

Find Jennifer's Blog here!

Camp Bestival 2013 Highlights

Festival season is upon us! Glastonbury is kicking off and my post today is a lazy one.

Here have a peek at Camp Bestival's 2013 video highlights via this handy Youtube Video. (Not filmed by me) Take 6 minutes to feel the sun on you, and hear the sounds...

And yes this does sum it up, it really is this much fun.

When it's sunny at a festival

Ice Cream is also good for keeping cool - according to DD
I mentioned weather before but I talked about rain, it's what festival goers often fear. At Camp Bestival for the last 5 years I've attended we have had glorious weather. I'm pretty sure Rob Da Bank organises that - he organises everything else!

So I shall be planning for the worst (ie taking wellies etc) but also expecting and planning for the best!

Take sunscreen. Take enough for the whole family, for lots of flesh on display, for the whole 4 or 5 days of the festival. You will be able to buy it at a festival shop (assuming they don't run out) but it will be expensive and the range will be limited.

Take some sort of cooling device. Take a tent style sunshade for example for babies, a fan, a water spray bottle, an umbrella or sun shade to carry, maybe sun hats (you can often include them as part of your fancy dress)

Dress accordingly, take some loose long sleeved stuff in case it really is baking, some fields have little natural shade. The kids field at Camp Bestival has lots of natural shade in the form of trees, and also a few tents. Check the maps on your own festival plan.

Don't forget the leafy cool of the Dingly Dell (at Camp Bestival) Home to Project Wild Thing this year. A great place to visit at the middle of the day.

The inside of tents can get hot. Carry water bottles (you can refill them at points around the festival) some squash manufacturers now make single servings of squash to add to water bottles, this can be a good idea to get kids to drink plenty.

Remember that however hot it gets in the daytime, once the sun goes down it gets chilly, take some jumpers or blankets either pop back to the tent at teatime, or carry them - the shmangles are good here, doubling as a picnic and lounging mat in the day.

Oh and did I say? Take Sunscreen....

Night night, sleep tight - Camping sleep mats review

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