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Camp Bestival's Advent calendar 2016

An advent calendar can now be found over at Camp Bestival! They have prizes behind each window, and you can think about the festival and buying your tickets too while you are there!

The 2016 theme is Space (and why not, we have astronauts, we have Star Wars) so pop over, play on the calendar and plan your fancy dress too!

Starwars festival fancy dress

A Star Wars tribute from my now teen, though I guess she was much younger when we took this pic!

Camp Breakfast

More food memories today - I need to find a recipe for Sunday - do you have a good camping recipe to share?

Let's talk about camping food.

Let's talk food.

I like to set up the tent and get everything sorted and then I can relax, have a beer and cook some food. As I don't camp with electricity or refrigeration the first night's food may be fresh things but I will rely on cans and packets as time passes. But what better meal that chilli and rice. Perfect comfort food, easy to cook and eat, store well in cans (and using those pouches of partially cooked rice saves on fuel to cook the rice too) I know my brother fondly recalls the time we experimented with the extra hot Dynamite chilli, after all, how hot could it be? (spoiler - very hot, we nearly died and were only saved by beer)

So comfort camping food for this winter Friday is chilli and rice, nice cowboy feel to it too - if you are alone eat it from the saucepan, you mountain man, you!

Tempted to cook some at home now and pretend

Camping in the rain

Today after storm Desmond has devastated so many homes I'm grateful to be safe and warm. I am thinking though of those that are struggling. But I'm also remembering rain when camping. Not that I have experienced true disaster but a storm feels a lot worse when you only have canvas between you and it, and as the rain water soaks the ground and you lay wondering if the ground sheet will really keep out the water..

My tents

Today at Tent Sniffing for Beginners it's tent day! So let's remember the tents I have owned, and why not add a couple that I would love to own one day.

The peace and quite of camping

It's not all about festivals though, camping can be fun and relaxing without a crowd of like-minded individuals in a field. You can camp quietly and alone. Peace in nature can be one of the lovely things about being in a tent. Hearing nothing but the rustle of the canvas (or nylon) and the squeaks and whistles of the wildlife, laying in the sun in the daytime, and drifting to sleep to the sounds of crickets at night.

So let's think about peace.

Grown ups being silly at festivals

Grown ups being silly at a festival. Being silly and feeling young again, whatever our ages, can be a great reviver!

I find that a weekend in a field with no rules and no set times for eating or sleeping is the perfect way to refresh myself. So on day 5 of our advent calendar - let's hear it for 'silly'.

My daughters first festival

Today is my daughter's birthday so it made me remember the first festival we ever went to - here is to festivals with kids! Letting your little ones run in the sun (or squish in the rain) and giving them a taste of freedom.

Listening to music at a festival

Ready to listen to a band? Lay in the sun and soak some vibes? Let's do this. Festival memories of listening to some music, watching the revelers, maybe joining in.

Booze in a field always tastes better

What memory for today? some booze I think, the sort of days when drinking at breakfast is acceptable if there is fruit included. Love waking in a sunny tent, growing from cool to so hot and sweaty you must excape your sleeping bag and crawl out to find a cocktail ...(just me?)

And so here are .. drinks in a field.

Until tomorrow - chin chin

Wilderness Festival Cricket Match

I'm planning a series of tips and memories. Something to keep us in touch with camping and festivals in months where there is little opportunity. So I'm starting with a fabulous memory. The Wilderness festival cricket match.

Taking place on both Saturday and Sunday mornings it is something that DD and I will not miss. Woe betide you if you are a band playing early for we will shun you in favour of the crack of leather on willow, the bruise of a ball hit to the boundary (actually happened, hit my leg and DD's head - we live to tell obviously)

What could be more British than a glass of G&T, a bacon butty, a red London bus, sunshine and cricket.

I'll tell you what...comedy in a Carry On style, hilarious commentary, slightly posh, fey young men, trying on each others cricket boxes, small boys joining in the fun AND...


Is there any sight better in a sunny festival field.

Tickets for Wilderness are on sale now - see you there, polish your balls.