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Toilet Trouble at Festivals

The world of pain that is the festival loo. Whenever I mention festivals to non festival goers I get the same response 'oh but the toilets!' It seems that the thought of exposing your buttocks to the elements in a tiny plastic portable toilet is many people's biggest festival worry! Will the toilet be clean? Will it be safe? Will it be leaning, or have gaps around the door? Will the door lock? Will there be a queue? Will there be toilet paper? How will I wash my hands? Will it smell? Will it be .. *retch* ... 'full'? So calm down, take a deep breath. ..actually no, maybe not that... Festivals toilets are usually cleaned at least daily, sometimes more often, they are emptied and washed down very thoroughly. The toilet paper is renewed too. Of course it does sometimes run out, but fear not, you just need a bit of tissue in your pocket. The toilets are supplied by companies that specialise, so they will be set on suitable ground, they shouldn't lean or
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