The surprising joy of peeing and pooping at a festival

I already talked toilets at festivals here

But I'm revisiting with a few top tips.

Ladies, take a shewee (or similar - there are a few on the market) and you can (with a little practice) pee like a boy ie standing up! This doesn't sound exciting now, but when those loos start to get ... full, it will be more useful. Some portable toilets have a urinal in them and more and more festivals provide a 'female urinal' for those of us short on penises. It's lovely not to have to sit on a messy seat or hover over a heap of yesterday's curry.

row of brightly painted compost toilets at a festival

The top tip for Shewees (and their ilk though I only have a Shewee - with extension tube! size matters) is that you should practice before you need to use it - you'll need bladder control so you can pee slowly into the funnel to avoid overflows, and also carry a wad of tissue to hold where shewee meets flesh, just in case, you don't want a trickle down your leg because your 'seal' wasn't quite right. Practice in the shower.

But men, ladies and small children alike will not be able to get away with only peeing. So at some point there shall be a number two. Try and use a compost loo if you can as they seem to be not only more eco friendly, but more pleasant than the enclosed chemical plastic space of a traditional portable toilet

Late at night, in your tent, why not use a potty? Yes even the grown ups! Line the potty with a plastic bag, lay a cheap nappy in the bottom to absorb any wee and then do the deed, tie the bag and bin the lot. I purchased a ShitBox a few years ago which is a cardboard box with a hole, to use bags and cat litter in a similar manner! But I don't think they are still in business. There are similar ideas on the market though, such as these

Don't take any form of chemical toilet to a festival. There are no emptying points.

Take tissues/toilet paper, wet wipes and hand gel.

Happy pooping!

Not a sponsored post - seriously - no one is paying me to talk poo and pee!
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  1. I've been thinking about getting a shewee for a while, only problem is I never have a bag, not really the sort of thing to keep in a pocket.

    1. They fit into a small plastic box not much bigger than a couple of pens. but yeah too big for a jeans pocket. maybe you could invent the shewee holster? :-)

  2. I'm cringing and pmsl at the same time while reading these tips.
    My body just goes "no way José!" and retains everything till I reach clean facilities.

    1. haha! some festivals run Wednesday to Monday - that's a long time to hold all that beer!!

  3. oh god.....

    I have no words.

    I am seriously out of my depth now. Quite literally I am going to be in the shit

    1. LOL I bet you posh campers have your own posh loos - they probably flush!


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