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The surprising joy of peeing and pooping at a festival

I already talked toilets at festivals here

But I'm revisiting with a few top tips.

Ladies, take a shewee (or similar - there are a few on the market) and you can (with a little practice) pee like a boy ie standing up! This doesn't sound exciting now, but when those loos start to get ... full, it will be more useful. Some portable toilets have a urinal in them and more and more festivals provide a 'female urinal' for those of us short on penises. It's lovely not to have to sit on a messy seat or hover over a heap of yesterday's curry.

row of brightly painted compost toilets at a festival

The top tip for Shewees (and their ilk though I only have a Shewee - with extension tube! size matters) is that you should practice before you need to use it - you'll need bladder control so you can pee slowly into the funnel to avoid overflows, and also carry a wad of tissue to hold where shewee meets flesh, just in case, you don't want a trickle down your leg because your 'seal' wasn't quite right. Practice in the shower.

But men, ladies and small children alike will not be able to get away with only peeing. So at some point there shall be a number two. Try and use a compost loo if you can as they seem to be not only more eco friendly, but more pleasant than the enclosed chemical plastic space of a traditional portable toilet

Late at night, in your tent, why not use a potty? Yes even the grown ups! Line the potty with a plastic bag, lay a cheap nappy in the bottom to absorb any wee and then do the deed, tie the bag and bin the lot. I purchased a ShitBox a few years ago which is a cardboard box with a hole, to use bags and cat litter in a similar manner! But I don't think they are still in business. There are similar ideas on the market though, such as these

Don't take any form of chemical toilet to a festival. There are no emptying points.

Take tissues/toilet paper, wet wipes and hand gel.

Happy pooping!

Not a sponsored post - seriously - no one is paying me to talk poo and pee!

Washing (or not washing) at a festival

To wash or not to wash.

I'm going to confess I'm a "grab a wet wipe, wipe and go" kind of girl.

Festivals are awesome fun. They are in a field. They last a few days. Wash before you leave home, wash again when you get home.

Barring getting covered in piss or vomit there is not really much cause to wash in my opinion. Queueing for the showers wastes time, is boring and costs money.

BUT for those delicate flowers among you, there are showers, you can queue and have a shower every day if you like.

Or you could fill a bucket with water and wash your hair at your tent (I did this at Glastonbury!) refreshing, free and quick.

Don't hog the tap though, do use a bucket, washing AT the tap is very rude! Think of others (ditto when you clean your teeth)

If you plan to wash/shower - remember to take towels!

Children will love getting grubby and not washing (most children) so just let them run free range. Enjoy being at the festival, it's not a place for perfect makeup and nails or hair tongs! It's a place to relax, hear music and drink cider.

You Dirty, Dirty girl...

Keeping clean at a festival. Ah to wash or not to wash, that is the question...

Many people queue for the showers at a festival. The shower queue starts early and grows as the day goes on. Many people don't mind queueing it seems, especially if they have nothing to go and see during the day, many young festival goers are clubbers in the real world and therefore quite nocturnal! But if you are a parent is it worth the long (and often boring) wait with you kids? Is it essential to shower at all - or even wash, after all most festivals are only a few days. Shower before you leave and shower when you return should suffice surely?

Oxford Playhouse at Wilderness Festival - Bath Time
 Ah but the smell, the joyous aroma of unwashed bodies that have been sweating in a field and staggering through vomit, clinging to a grimy portable chemical toilet in the fading twilight...

Camp Bestival
 Yes maybe you have a point maybe you will need a wash at a festival. But queueing for 2 hours? I really don't want to waste that sort of time! I have in the past washed body and hair in a large bucket of cold water by the tent, and that's OK if you are a) not shy and b) not cold (ie it only really works at a summer festival) So I was happy to try another tactic...The waterless body wash!

I received a free bottle to review from FilthyFox (what a fine brand name!) and the product is cheerfully called Pits & Bits so I think the clue is that it's designed for your, ahem, smellier parts rather than a total head to foot wash. I also had the use of some 'expandable wipes' which look ominously like enormous tablets - don't be tempted to put them in your mouth! (and keep them away for children) as they swell on contact with liquid to epic proportions, much larger than a baby wipe for example.

So on with the review. The liquid was squirted onto the expandable wipe by DD and we waited expectantly, gradually the wipe became the size of a large marshmallow and then Dd carefully unwound it, commenting as she did that the wash smelled nice and fresh.

Washing with the newly moistened wipe created a fine lather and then we dried off. Initially I was concerned that we felt a bit sticky, despite the 'no residue' promise, but as we warmed up and our hands dried properly it actually made our skin feel quite soft as if we had been using hand cream.

Would I buy it? I'm not sure, it smells lovely and works well but is it better that a pack of wet wipes? Maybe I need to get really filthy and stinky at a festival for a true test! It did have a better scent than baby wipes. I think kids would be encouraged to wash with it too as it is fun to watch the expandable wipes grow larger!

The Filthy Fox website has wipes, and also some truly excellent festival survival stuff! They even have a festival kit, with tent,bed and sleeping bag for under £30 Brilliant!

They have a 99p section too for all those silly little essentials. But my favourite item for festival and non-festival camping alike has to be this
This handy pocket sized survival tool is the perfect size for popping in your pocket or bag, with a range of useful tools to get you through festivals! The festival survival tool features a compass, bottle opener, can opener, serrated knife and more. A handy little gadget to keep with you at festivals!

as my husband said "Perfect for the drunk camper that gets lost a lot" Who could ask for more!

If you are off to a festival do Check out Filthy Fox first

Some 'Filthy' Foxes at Wilderness

Disclaimer - I was sent a bottle of Pits&Bits no water body wash for review, but all thoughts etc in this post are my own.

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