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Camp Bestival News

And I thought the long wait for festivals would be boring over the winter. Not So!!

Because I had forgotten the excitement of hearing about who will be at the festivals I'll be going to.

Imagine my overwhelming excitement at finding out that (award winning) duo Dick and Dom will be returning to Camp Bestival in 2015. They were absolutely hilarious last time, encouraging misbehaviour and mayhem, causing the entire campsite to play 'Bogeys' well into the night... I simply can't wait! (my dubious claim to fame? Dick spat on me in the literary tent at Camp Bestival)

And then there is the Cat in the Hat! How do I love Dr Seuss? Well lets just say I love him here and there, in fact I love him anywhere! And the cat in the hat knows how to have fun, look at him! Look at him! Look at him now! It is fun to have fun but you have to know how....(Camp Bestival can help with that if you are stuck!)

And could there be anything I would like more than being in a field with Ricky Wilson…

Small But Mighty Camping Light - Review

My favourite solar light company (you can tell a hippy camper when they have a favourite solar light company) has sent me a little Christmas gift!

The rather cute but extremely bright, SunJack. It's not a solar light by itself, it's a usb light, it looks like a traditional bulb and is very light (in weight!) it can be hung up. At first I wondered how I would use it - but I not only take solar camping, but some rechargeable power packs. They are handy on dull days when there is little sun, and can charge phones via USB. It turns out they can power the SunJack too!

To test it I didn't get the tent out, but I did try it on a dark night at home. DD helped to demonstrate the power of this tiny light.

It's a great little light and would be useful with a solar charger with a USB port too. Check out The Solar Light Company for some Christmas gift ideas for the camper in your life (or treat yourself!)

The SunJack® CampLight - the ultimate in portable lighting!  £9.95It's brig…

Where do campers go in winter?

Well I'm sure some of us fly south and continue camping...a bit like swallows, but with more tent poles. Some stay in chilly UK and still camp - after all, you can get all season tents and sleeping bags! (top of my bucket list is snow camping)

But I suspect more of us do what I do, pack up the kit until spring and just snuggle down by a fire to read their camping and caravanning magazines and plan next years camping.

I have already booked a few festivals too, nothing like reliving last summer and dreaming of the next to warm you up.

So far I'm going to a local (to me) and early Festival (in May) called Elderflower Fields, I've never been to this festival before, and it hasn't been going long. I'm hoping it's big enough to be fun but small enough to be friendly. It bills itself as a family festival,

and I have to admit it does look amazing! Rather glad to see that the theme will fit in rather nicely with another festival I'm off to Wilderness! I've bee…