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No Fridge Required

Maybe you are off to a festival, maybe you are a minimalist camper who doesn't use EHU, but either way there may be times you are away from home, away from the power to refrigerate things, but you are not quite rich enough to eat out for every meal. What options are open to you?

As a camper that uses a cool box occasionally but never uses EHU I have a few ideas.

Let's start with breakfast.

On the first day you could splash out with a fry up of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato and potato. These things will keep for a day if you can keep them cool - but I tend to just bring enough for day one.
Other things that you can pack for breakfast include lots of things that are individually packed, many bread based things go mouldy quickly in the moist summer heat inside a tent, so things that are packed singly are a good way to keep things fresh. The pound shop is a good source of camping food. My personal favourites are brioche, croissants, breakfast biscuits and cereal bars. It's worth taking some of the original 'individually wrapped food' though, bananas are great for breakfast and an any time snack. Oranges are also good here, and of course for drinks there are lots of individual juice cartons, and even flavoured milk and soya drinks or iced coffee cartons. Don't forget to pack tea and coffee bags and some longlife milk.
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For lunch you might be out and about.

Why not look at taking some snacks like crisps, babybel cheese, mini cheddars, nuts and fruit. Drinks could include juice or water (water is readily available at all festivals - so just bring a refillable bottle) and maybe a gin-in-a-tin or a can of beer. Some festivals won't allow you to bring your own food or booze onto the site, but most kid's festivals allow snacks, and a single can of beer is usually allowed.

For dinner.

You'll probably want to pop back to the tent and maybe cook something. Tinned food is great for storage and there is a huge choice, from soup and the ubiquitous baked beans to more exotic examples like full English breakfasts and curries. My favourite is chilli (extra hot Stagg is just amazing) but as rice takes a long time to cook (and therefore a lot of gas) I tend to favour the almost ready pouch type of rice, you can mix it with the chilli - add a little extra water and cook it all together in one pan, real cowboy food! A can of  sweet and sour chicken would be nice with some noodles (also available in pouches). And of course, for noodle lovers there is always a pot noodle. If you packed some buns then you could have some hotdogs one evening, easy to cook and easy to eat - remember no glass on the festival site, go for the hotdogs that are vacuum packed.

So there are some tasty 'no fridge' meal ideas for you. You can also store eggs, potatoes (slice and then fry) and lots of other tinned foods (fruit and custard for example!) and carton foods too, but try and plan ahead - no one wants to carry more than they need and you might end up with a lot to cart back to the car if you over pack.(I'm speaking from experience) Some festivals now have places to leave unused food for the local food bank at the end of the festival.

Don't forget to take things like oil, tomato ketchup, salt as well.

Are there any great meals for a festival or no fridge camping that I've forgotten?

EHU - The mysteries of Electric Hook Up

I'm not sure how long I'd been camping before I realised what EHU stood for. I'd been mostly camping at festivals to start with so it wasn't an issue and what ever the mysterious EHU I saw when booking campsites was, it cost more, so I didn't want it.

So while I don't remember when, there was obviously a day when something clicked (switch? Light bulb? haha) and I realised that some people have electricity when they camp!

If I wanted electricity I'd book a cottage or a camper van I think. If I'm in a tent then solar power is the best option, a natural way to charge my mobile and provide evening light for reading (and finding the corkscrew)

But I thought I'd blog my reasons and my pros and cons of electricity in you tent.

Plus points
  • You can charge phones and have light regardless of the state of the sun
  • You can have a fridge
  • You can use a George Foreman Grill (other electric cooking appliances are available)
  • You can have a TV
  • You can have an electric heater
  • You can bring an XBox, a Wii, etc (yes people do - you know who you are!) so kids can play on wet days
  • Pretty much your tent becomes a home from home and anything you care to bring can be used.
  • You have to get a special cable for safety in the wet etc even in the summer the mornings can be damp. You MUST have the correct cable.
  • You have to pack all the electrical things you need eg fridge, microwave, TV, DVD player etc etc and they take a lot of space in the car, can be heavy and might be fragile
  • You will either have to denude your house and all the hassle that entails or have a second 'camping' set of all the electrical things you want to take.
  • You have to pay extra for EHU
  • You miss the opportunity to switch off. Why 'get away from it all' but take it with you?

So as you know I go camping with no EHU. I take a cool box and either refreeze the ice blocks in the campsite freezer (loads have them) or buy a bag or two of ice from the supermarket during my stay. I use solar lights for the evening and also settle down as it gets dark. I read rather than watch TV or simply sip wine and listen to the rustling of the field mice in the hedges. I cook on a portable gas cooker, over an open fire or on my Kelly Kettle depending which the campsite allows. I don't heat my tent. I have camped in October when the evening temperature dropped below freezing, it was chilly fun. I carry less stuff (yes really - despite my over packing for festivals LOL) and set up is quick, I save money on the pitch and can often find a space with a late booking at less people are brave enough to camp with out EHU.

What about you? Electric hookup? Or back to nature? Am I right to camp without EHU or missing a trick?

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