For the love of Crocs

They are not a popular shoe in many circles.

The first time I saw a pair of Crocs was in a hospital environment, used as they are very spongy (so comfortable for those, like nurses, who are on their feet all day) and easily cleaned.

They were (apparently) invented as a boat shoe. They don't absorb water, they are non slip on deck and if they fall off they float! They have holes around the edge to let water drain too!

They are extremely ugly. No amount of fun colours is going to disguise that.

But the Croc, the classic style clog with heel strap, is not a shoe that was ever made for beauty. It was made for function. And it's a little gem! You can slip a Croc on to bare feet or over socks, they will even fit on over a onesie (another fashion faux pas?). They are perfect for all seasons. And as a camper or festival goer you really should have a pair. Left by the door of the tent they are perfect for slipping on to nip to the toilet block at night. A little mud does not phase them, they are rinsed off in seconds. Their soles are thick enough to cushion even the stoniest of ground. In dry or hot weather they are air conditioned! and in wet...well your feet will dry!

If you are a hater of a clammy cold shared shower block, then Crocs are your boon companion! You can even wear them in the shower! Cleaning feet at shoes at the same time and avoiding used band aids and stray ...hairs on the floor of the shower.

I have two pairs of Crocs. I briefly flirted with a generic cheap version, no contest. The Croc is a perfect shoe. Ugly but practical, the campers friend.

Do you own any Crocs? Confess all below! (Anonymous comments are accepted)

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  1. I have a pair of cheap black crocs that I've had for a good few years now and I love them. Like you say, they are not good to look at but BOY they are comfortable and practicable. A brilliant invention.


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