A trip out by bike

Last Sunday DD and I cycled to our local Asda. It is a new store, about a 25 minute cycle away (at our leisurely pace) and most of the journey is along a cycle path so its rather nice.

This Sunday dawned sunny and bright. I had almost forgotten that this sort of weather existed. I decided, much to DD's lazy horror, that we should repeat the experience. Last week I treated myself to a cycle helmet (DD insisted, because I made her wear hers) it is pink and has old style tattoo patterns on it, so appropriate. We kitted up and set off.

It was lovely to get out, the weather was as lovely as it looked, the trip gave us exercise, fun, was good for the planet and enabled us to buy some essentials, some cake mix (more of that later) and some new boots (not sure how that happened !)
What a nice way to spend a morning. I'm planning on making it a family tradition. Starting now. I may also include a fried breakfast at the cafe next time!

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  1. Perfect cycling weather and good for the mind and body! Well done for going two weeks in a row although your daughter does not sound impressed. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.


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