Eating 'out' at a festival

cream tea at camp bestival
As I said yesterday, you should take some snacks but you won't get a full festival experience eating back at the tent each day! Festivals need grub!

Take a while to look around and see all the food stalls there are. You won't be able to eat at each one! There are too many and Camp Bestival is too big. At a smaller festival you may have less choice.

Why not let the kids plan at least one of your meals? I tend to snack at breakfast (I may be lying...The Grill does rather fine bacon rolls) then have a light lunch (or a massive plate of pasta) and then a medium sized tea ( a huge pie and mash plate from PieMinister) sometimes I have afternoon tea at the WI tent (every day).

Cost varies, remember that small kids can share a portion to save money (though you may be surprised at how hungry the fresh air will make them!) Check out where the best bargains are to be had. I'm a fan of the Soup Library.

Just have a look at some of the great food Camp Bestival has on offer

Last year Dd and I ate at the Surplus Supper Club which was great fun (and yummy!)


paella at a festival

fresh coconuts at a festival

The grill cafe at camp bestival bacon and eggs

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