Festival Sleep (adults)

So you're at a festival and you've finally staggered back to you tent. You've taken your wellies off, crawled in, knocked over a can of something that you hope was stale beer. Your tent chum is snoring in the corner and your bed looks more deflated than you remember. The lamps that light the walkways in the camping field suddenly seem over bright and you appear to have pitched right under one. The tent next door is filled with crying children and there is a loud beat drifting across the field from the all night party tent.

Sound familiar? Sound scary (if you've never been to a festival)?

Well fear not! You can and will sleep!

Top tips for a good festival night's sleep.

Leave the tent relatively tidy when you go out. Yes you are keen to pee, yes you want a bacon sandwich and who cares where you flung yesterdays jeans and your warm sleeping bag? Well, you as it turns out, when you stagger back later tired out. So leave the tent - or at the very least the bed area - relatively tidy.

Check the bed is pumped up when you leave. (or ensure your camp bed is wobble-free) Chuck away any rubbish (use a bin bag in the tent - bin bags are really useful in a tent!)

Take a sleep mask, yes it's nerdy but the light can be annoying if you are near a lamp, AND the dawn will try and wake you at a summer festival.

Take ear plugs, there are lovely soft disposable ear plugs on sale at Chemists. Buy some, I used them at Glastonbury to save me from an extreme snorer in a nearby tent!

Do up your tent securely. Keep your valuables with you.

Keep warm. Wear suitable clothes/thermals or pyjamas in bed. Consider warm socks and a hat even in the summer.  Snuggle down. Sleep. Hopefully you've been dancing all day and will be suitably  tired. Don't set an alarm (unless there's something on early that you really can't bear to miss')

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