Festival Sex

Let's talk about festival sex!!

Well if you are a parent with some excited toddlers sharing the tent I doubt there'll be much! Ha! (though you never know, good luck and all that)

But if you are travelling solo or with mates or are a teen liable to wander off to the woods of an evening...well it might crop up!

First things first. Let's ensure no one has sex they don't want to have! All be on the look out for 'enthusiastic consent' that means not just not hearing a no, or being too drunk to really care one way or the other, it means both of you are really really keen! (and trust me, that's the best kind!)

Take some condoms if you have even a glimmer of hope there will be sex. Especially if you plan that sex with someone you just met. Personally I like to get to know someone I'm going to have sex with, but it's a festival, there's love in the air..so be prepared!

Remember that most festivals have a first aid or pharmacy tent. If your condom breaks or you forget to use one, check them out ASAP and they can help. They may have condoms too if you forgot to bring any and find a willing partner. Stifle those giggles, act like a grown up - go get some!

Thanks to Field Candy for the use of this rather fine tent image!

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