Your tent & getting lost at a festival

Today lets talk about tents. How to find them and how to make them unique. Also what to do when you get lost.

Festivals can be big, very very big and if you have kids that can be scary, for them and for you!

There will be a sea of tents at a festival

How will you find yours? Well here are some ideas.
  • If it's canvas you can paint it, like I did!
  • you can buy a long pole and a flag or spinner - but be aware that as lots of people do this you may need to fly a couple of things together to say unique!
  • You can add bunting, anything from plastic 99p Store bunting, via home made cloth scraps bunting to something posh from Cath Kidson or some lovely home made crocheted bunting. You can even make bunting out of knickers!
  • You can use ribbons on the guy ropes
But if you just can't consider the outlay or the horror of packing MORE stuff, why not pitch near a tent that is overly flamboyant! And when you walk to and from the tent don't forget to talk to the children about what you see. We heard a lot of parents comment on our tent at the last Camp Bestival, including a lot of "Oh we are nearly at our tent, remember it's just past/to the left/to the right of that painted tent".

Landmarks and tent decoration sorted, be sure to have a plan if you get separated. You may advise children to stay where they are! Or to ask a member of staff (most festivals have clearly defined staff and security) or to meet at a certain spot like the big wheel or the tent! Have a plan but hope not to use it. At Camp Bestival little kids have wristbands with parents mobile numbers written on, you could make your own before you go - but be aware that the signal may be poor in a field so still have a back up plan.

Good Luck and happy decorating!

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