It's been one of the warmest days of the year so far so what better time to talk about....thermal underwear!

Once when DD and I went camping in the summer we didn't bother to put the tent inner (including the ground sheet) in the tent. It was so so hot, we had camp beds that would keep us off of the ground, and we imagined a lovely night of cool fresh breezes, but still ultimately warm.

How naive we were, how foolish. How COLD! By midnight we had realised what a dreadful mistake we had made, the cold from the ground had chilled everything, the air temperature had dropped rapidly once the sun had gone down and with only a single skin to the tent the warmth in that had gone too. How we shivered and griped. How we wished we had more on than a T shirt and pants!

So when the eCornerShop asked me to review some thermal underwear I was keen, despite the arrival of spring. When you are a camper thermals should be an all round item! The best thing about this thermal set (consisting of a long sleeve vest, and long pants) is that they are so soft and so sleek! You can wear them under other clothes with hardly a wrinkle, but also as they are black they don't look bad on their own. None of the look of the cowboy long johns! More a slinky black cat woman effect (that's how I''m seeing myself so you can all shut up)

I'm going to be pitching the tent in the garden this weekend, the first pitch of the season, to check for moth damage (yikes) mould (yikes again) and anything else that may have happened while it's been snuggling in its bag in the loft.

And I might need to sleep in it, as a proper test, and when I do, I shall be snuggly too!

The Ladies Thermal underwear set is available from the eCornerShop

They don't only sell ladies under wear, they have thermals for men too (and a rather fit model! go and look!) and thermals for kids (perfect for sleep wear or when away at festivals) and they have some rather good onesies too if you like that sort of thing! Do take a peek.

Disclaimer - I was sent the thermals in exchange for this review but the opinions in this post are all mine (as is the embarrassing naive camping experience)

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