Camp Bestival Trolley fun

I'll start with apologies, I missed a few days of the count down and I have no excuses except that life got in the way. Busy weekend, but finally I have a little window of blogging opportunity, so let's get cracking.

I thought I'd go with a bit of a chat about transport and trolleys. 

At Camp Bestival more than at any festival you'll see trolleys. All festivals have a few, and many are used at the beginning and end of a festival for moving your kit, but at Camp Bestival they are used all the time.

The sort of trolleys I'm talking about are large four wheeled garden trolleys, or red carts, occasionally sometimes even wheelbarrows! They are used as I said for kit movement, and very useful they are too. You can usually hire them by the hour and particularly at a family festival where you may have a larger tent, multiple mattresses, chairs, clothes, cooking supplies, food, etc etc they can save a lot of time and backache to use a trolley. But don't think it will be all plain sailing, Camp Bestival does have a few very steep long hills, and you may need two people to get the trolley up and down them.

During the festival itself many parents use the trolleys (often elaborately decorated!) to move not only kit but children. And they are very good for that, have a sleepy child? Bung it in a trolley for a nap while you continue to enjoy the fun! Ground a bit muddy? All sit in the trolley for lunch!

So even if you wouldn't normally think about a trolley or a cart, if you have kids (and most Camp Bestival goers will have) I would suggest thinking about buying, borrowing or hiring one.

Girl in a festival trolley with flowers

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