Camp Bestival's Beard and Moustache Competition 2014

Every now and again Camp Bestival emails to tell ticket holders and those that signed up for such things to tell us of new acts and exciting new shenanigans that will be happening.

Now anyone that knows me knows I love beards, so when I read an email telling me about all sorts of new acts, new choirs, new things of all kinds (more of them in a minute) it was only one thing that caught my eye and made me gasp with a thrill normally reserved for ...other things.

at 11.30 am on Saturday in the Lower Kids Garden, on the catwalk Camp Bestival will be holding a Beard and Moustache Competition!!

Now I am not the sort of woman that prowls a festival taking sneaky pictures of beards, someone that did that would be a bit odd and obsessive,

But if I was that sort of person then I would be in the Lower Kids Garden at 11.30am with my camera at the ready!

I am also not the sort of person to wear a beard myself at a festival
But if I was that sort of person then I would be taking along my very own beard and hoping that women were not excluded form the event!

Other exciting news is that Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer is back - I simply love him. And some new acts to discover too! (a ukulele workshop! ooh) and real ale (perfect to go with a beard)

Read all about them on Camp Bestival's Website

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