Festivals - planning what to see

So you arrive excitedly at you festival. Now what? You are pitched up, you have checked where the loos are and which is the best place to get breakfast, you have cold beer in hand...

Buy a programme, sometimes you are given one, or at least a basic one (or there may be an app) but buy the best one you can. Then find a comfy spot and start your planning.

You might already have a rough idea of acts you just can't miss, find them and circle them. Clashes? Yikes, you'll have to make some tough choices.

If you have kids let them join in, pick a few of their 'must see' things.  Don't plan too much! I tend to plan a morning act, an afternoon and an evening, I add in some that would be nice but not essential. Leave some 'wandering and discovering' time.

Remember that you don't have a teleporter! It takes time to get from one stage to another, especially in crowds (at Glastonbury it can actually take hours! HOURS!). Also remember you need to eat and drink, and so do children they may also need toilet stops! Factor some in!

How do you plan and what is your number one MUST SEE act at a festival this year?

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