Festival Rubbish

I go to several festivals a year. They all have one thing in common. No matter how much you ask, no matter how many bins you provide, no matter what the class of festival goer. The site is left looking like a tip.

rubbish at glastonbury 2013 festival waste mess field farm
 It feels me with anger and sadness everytime. Yes there are teams of people that clear up the litter (DD and I took medals to Glastonbury and awarded them to the teams!) but they shouldn't have to! They are not your mum! (if they were they would give you a thick ear and send you to your room)

If you are old enough to go to a festival you are old enough to clear up your trash. Take black bin bags, bin your waste on the last day, leave it in or by a bin. Easy!

Camp Bestival even offer recycling facilities. There is no excuse. Don't make me tell you again.

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