Using a festival to meet up with chums.

It's fun to make new friends at a festival but lots of people also use it as an excuse to get together with old friends too.

As discussed yesterday camping can be a bit hit and miss and you may not be able to arrive together or pitch together.

To increase the chances of pitching together you can:-

  • Arrive together and early when there is still plenty of space
  • Be less fussy about where you pitch and just look for space.
  • All share one tent! (rather depends on your numbers and friendliness!)
  • Have a desiganted 'tent erector' who arrives first with the tents and sets up camp
  • Use bunting or a groundsheet/rug to mark out a space for your later arriving friends (don't be greedy!)
  • Pay extra to get a marked pitch area (not available at all festivals but Camp Bestival has this option
Don't panic if you can't all pitch near each other though, you can visit each other in the evening taking a rug or chairs and share a beer. During the day you can arrange to meet at a specific stall for breakfast or use a festival meeting place or landmark. Camp Bestival has large Hi-Di-Hi and Ho-Di-Ho signs for example.

Decorate your spot, use a flag, make it easy to find each other's tents.

Don't rely too much on mobile phones as the coverage can be patchy, better to arrange a time and place.

If you are feeling terribly organised why not see what you are all wearing for the fancy dress and try and coordinate? All clowns or all monkeys etc!
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