Cameras at festivals

My friend is a more serious snapper than I am!
Memories that last forever! Everyone likes to take pictures at a festival, but what's the best way to do it. If you take a phone there is that option, but as I said in a previous post, battery life can be a limiting factor at festivals, and you may find you are out of charge when you least expect it!

Imagine meeting Mr Tumble and having lost the power to record the moment! Disaster!

Digital cameras of course have similar battery issues but you can at least be sure you are only using the camera for pictures rather than a dozen other functions (*cough* twitter *cough) I tend to take a small digital camera, a larger camera can be a pain to carry around and to keep safe, so I prefer small.

Some years I've gone totally retro and take disposable cameras! The simple joy of not knowing how the photos will look until you get home is surprisingly fun. It can be a fun idea to give the kids a camera each. no panic if they lose them, and added excitement when you get the pictures developed.

Or if you feel brave, take no camera at all! Just take a blank notepad and pencils and draw your way through the festival. What ever you choose, the memories will be there for ever.
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