Mobile Phones at a festival

Mobile Phones, everyone has one. Some people have more than one. Kids have them. They are music players, Tvs, cameras, recorders, game stations, maps,and sometimes they are festival apps.

But should you actually take one to a festival? Well If you want to use an app you'll have to take a smart phone! But on the whole I tend to opt for as cheap a phone as possible to take to a festival and keep the number of electrical bits and bobs I take, to a minimum.

Keeping a phone safe is relatively easy if you are sober a careful. Keep it with you, at night keep it in your sleeping bag, don't leave it in the tent, don't drop it down the loo, don't leave it laying on a picnic mat.

Battery life on a smart phone is poor and charging points at festivals are sparse, often crowded, you have to risk leaving your phone, and might have to get there early and queue for a spot. Why waste festival time that way.

I take a back up battery - bought from Amazon a while ago, it manages about 3 or 4 full charges for a regular phone. If I only tweet a little bit (!) I can use the phone for the whole festival.

Lots of festivals have poor mobile coverage too - Camp Bestival has boosted the signal in recent years but there are still blank areas in some of the fields.

Best to keep the phone switched off unless you need it (for lost kids! etc) and just save the battery.

Check Your Festival Website to see if that have a Festival App

An alternative to using apps and smartphones but still having the ability to stay in touch is of course to take a cheapy phone with a new preloaded SIM (no panic then if you lose it or drop it into the toilet)

For example the Samsung E1200 is available on Pay As You Go (PAYG) for just £5 (when you top up £10 credit) on Virgin. The 800 hours of standby battery life will probably last longer than you do and losing it won’t ruin your whole weekend. It’s the ideal festival phone!

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