Camp Bestival - Lazy Camping

Some of the readers of this blog, while keen festival goers are not that keen on camping (you know who you are!) But fear not. Camp Bestival (and most other festivals) have other options to you pitching a tent in a crowded muddy field.

You could opt to take a camper van of course (if you have such a beast), or, at least at Camp Bestival (and this is new this year!) you could take a caravan! A caravan, talk about home from home and all mod cons!.

But as well as these slightly wimpy DIY options there is the ultimate in wimpy camping...turning up to have your tent all ready for you! From the basic 'just a ready pitched tent' (handy for the disabled as well as the lazy) to the ultimate in luxury in the form of gorgeous bell tents, or even little pod houses! I confess I have never had the money for any of these options, but if it could sway you to risk a festival, I'd say go for it, I'll convert you to  a 'proper' camper later.

Hotel bell tent camp bestival luxury camping

Oh and they are rather fine for a special occasion treat like an anniversary or a birthday too.

How will you be camping?

See all of the Camp Bestival options here.

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