Mr Tumble at Camp Bestival

mr tumble surrounded by bouncers at a festival
Yes he had bouncers on his walk-a-bout, yes I got past them.
For some years now Mr Tumble has wowed audiences at Camp Bestival. As Camp Bestival is family festival there are many acts and activities for littleones, and Mr Tumble has proved to be a huge hit!

It seems many of the mums on twitter have secret desires on Mr Tumble too! Maybe it's the fact that he gives them some peace while the children watch him, maybe it's his cuddliness, maybe it's the fact he doesn't really speak much! But whatever, he's surprisingly popular with the ladies(and anyone that tells you that I once pushed to the front of a group of small children and grabbed Mr Tumble's hand is a liar! A big fat Liar*)

He's back again this year of course, and I'm sure he'll be just as much fun as on previous years.

*actually there may be a shred of truth....ok ok it's true...what of it?!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, really? That's a very special fetish right there. Mister Bloom yes....but Mr tumble?? Thanks for linking to #sundaykitchendisco :) This has made me laugh xx


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