Camp Bestival - Disney (and Firefighters)

The last movie that DD and I saw at the cinema was Maleficent. It was a Disney movie and we loved it. In April we even went to the home of Disney, in California.

We may not be fans of the princesses , DD favours Belle - as (and I quote DD from a few years back) "She is not a princess and she doesn't need rescuing, she rescues the Beast" , but we love a bit of Disney, who doesn't?!, some escapism, some fun animation and some comedy, a smattering of morals....

And while we haven't really got into the Planes movie I'm still a teensy bit excited to tell you that there will be a Disney area at Camp Bestival. With an interactive Fire Engine! (there may be firefighters...I'm saying nothing and this has no bearing on my excitement*) Because the new Disney movie is Planes 2: Fire and Rescue

When Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he joins forces with fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his team, The Smokejumpers, to battle a massive wildfire....


*There will be real firefighters, and games, fancy dress, and all sorts of amazing shenanigans and fun! If you are at Camp Bestival make sure you pop along!!

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue blazes ahead with innovative virtual reality experience touring the UK this summer!

Disney’s highly anticipated new comedy adventure Planes 2: Fire & Rescue flies into cinemas in Scotland on August 1st and across the rest of the country on August 8th - and to celebrate the release, Disney is giving fans the incredible opportunity to ‘Save The Day’ and experience the thrill of being a member of the Piston Peak Air Attack Team. 

The ‘Save The Day’ virtual reality game uses Microsoft’s ground breaking Kinect for Windows v2 technology to put fans right in the middle of the airborne action by becoming firefighting characters Dusty and Dipper, as they race to protect the Piston Peak National Park. Players can take off and enter the heroic world of aerial firefighting as they scout the Park for signs of fire. 

Fans will get an exclusive insider look at all the action of the upcoming film by performing the vital manoeuvers necessary to extinguish blazes, including daring water collection and exciting drops! 

And even if you won't be at Camp Bestival you can join in the fun at other limited venues across the UK -

The ‘Save The Day’ virtual reality game will be placed in foyers of selected ODEON Cinemas and Disney Stores across the country. 

It will also be touring the UK this summer in a special Planes 2: Fire & Rescue fully interactive fire engine which will be visiting airshows and festivals, educating children on the importance of fire safety and featuring a host of fun games and activities for fans to take part in. 

The ‘Save The Day’ Virtual Reality Game will appear in the following locations: 
ODEON CINEMAS (from 21st July): Kingston, Southampton, MetroCentre (Newcastle), Braehead, Trafford (Manchester), LiverpoolOne 
AIRSHOWS & FESTIVALS:: Sunderland international Airshow (26th- 27th July), 
Camp Bestival (1st–3rd Aug) 
Bristol Balloon Fiesta (9th Aug) 
Blackpool Airshow (10th Aug)
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