Fire Safety when camping

One of the things that used to terrify me when I first went to festivals was how close the tents were pitched to each other. Having joined the Camping and Caravanning Club I was all about the 6 metre rule (it's ridiculous really! 6feet would be more sensible) and of course a car between the tents too - all as a fire precaution, no one wants a fire sweeping across a campsite.

Festival camping is much snugger - often tents practically touch! or at the very least are one a guy rope length apart. So fire safety in the tent, always important, becomes even more so!

I have never seen a fire at a campsite or a festival, by the way, so don't get all panicked. With some basic common sense we can all stay safe. Why not involve the kids early in understanding fire safety when camping? At Camp Bestival the Disney Fire and Rescue team were on hand to help! With lots of fun and games and advice. And everyone loves a firefighter!!

So here are some top tips and some fun activity sheets for the children. Stay safe everyone!

  • Never cook in a tent unless the tent is specifically designed for cooking. Never cook in a tent at festivals.
  • Don't use open flames near a tent, leave a big gap if you have a real fire as sparks can travel.
  • Don't use open fires at all if it's windy, or at a festival where tents are close, try and find the designated fire pit - loads of festivals have one, it's safer and more friendly.
  • Never leave a fire, barbecue or cooker unattended.
  • If cooking with gas keep gas bottles safe and secure. Don't change bottles near naked flames.
  • Don't barbecue in a tent, ever, don't barbecue near a tent, don't take warm coals into a tent to keep warm. Charcoal from barbecues gives of carbon monoxide and can kill.
  • Dispose of any hot ash, coal, wood etc safely, ensure fires are properly out - pour water over them.
  • Don't use candles in a tent. If using citronella candles outside to keep insects away, ensure you don't leave them unattended and make sure they are out before you leave them or go to bed.
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