10 most annoying holiday moments and a film you might like...

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An annoying festival event...
WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY is a heart-warming, uplifting comedy for all the family.

Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) and their three children travel to the Scottish Highlands for Doug's father Gordie's (Billy Connolly) birthday party. It's soon clear that when it comes to keeping a secret under wraps from the rest of the family, their children are their biggest liability...

This film is packed with endless amounts of annoying and complicated holiday scenarios- so, to celebrate its release, I am taking a look at what some people may see as the most annoying moments of every holiday...  

10 Most Annoying Holiday Moments From the creators of the hit BBC comedy series Outnumbered:

1. The packing So you really, really, really want to go on holiday but first there’s the packing. Whether you’re a list-maker or a chuck-it-all-in-the-bag kind of person, this task is still a burden. A scenario filled with what am I going wear? Don’t forget the toothbrush and do I need a coat? And if you have children like Jess from ‘What We Did On Our Holiday’ they will probably want to bring their pet rocks and stones- naturally. To make it a little easier always plan ahead and try not to do it all at the last minute- this way you have more time to remember the things you’ll usually forget.

2. The journey The journey, be it by car, coach or aeroplane can be a really annoying part of the holiday- you know you’re so close but so far. There’s traffic to deal with, service stops, long waits at the airport, bored kids in the car, not enough legroom, noisy passengers and all sorts of problems. Unfortunately there’s no magic carpet that can solve any of these problems but the best thing to do is to research and plan air journeys from airports as close as possible to where you live and check for traffic updates in the morning. Rise and shine way ahead of time to plan for delays. Make sure you keep the kids (and yourselves) entertained in the car with music, stories, drawing or play I Spy- literally do anything you possibly can to avoid that dreaded question ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I favour a printed 'treasure hunt' of things you need to spot, one for each child!

3. The 'everyone wants to do something different scenario'. Whether you are on a family holiday or going away with friends- there will no doubt be debates about what everybody wants to do. If you’re in a big enough group then maybe split into smaller groups with similar interests. If not, then sort out a schedule where everyone gets to do at least one thing they want to do throughout the trip. Especially true with children, try and let them have at least one day each of things they want to do, to keep the peace! But don't forget the grown ups too.

4. The weather- so unpredictable. This is especially true if you are holidaying in the UK. Let’s say you’ve planned a summer holiday in the UK. This translates as holidaying with your whole wardrobe: winter, summer, autumn and all year round included. Unfortunately, the weather is one part of your holiday you can’t control, but wherever you are going make sure you don’t let the weather stop you.

5. The food. This probably isn’t annoying for the more adventurous types, but for many, the food (wherever you go), just isn’t the same as it is at home. (unless you are at a camp site making it yourself of course!) Do you opt to try the local delicacies- with names you can’t pronounce? Is there something for the kids to enjoy? A whole range of questions can unfold- perhaps if you can bring some snacks the kids will enjoy with you and embrace the local cuisine as much as possible.

6. The beach Heading to the beach? Sounds like a great idea…Listening to the waves, sitting in the soft sand and relaxing the day away. All this until you want to get up- sand everywhere-in your hair, in between your fingers and in between your toes. Then as you go to shake the towel off all the sand blows in your face and all over the picnic you bought with you. (take talc! rubbing talc on your childrens feet (and yours!) and between the toes gets rid of sand, dries the feet and makes getting shoes back on so much easier!)

7. The argument There will no doubt be some arguments on your holiday- possibly about the range of annoying holiday moments above, such as ‘Why haven’t you packed my toothbrush?’, ‘I don’t want to go and see the ruins on the top of that hill’, and ‘Why did you have to take us to the beach? Now we’re all just covered in sand.’

8. Torn between relaxing and being a tourist The ultimate what is the purpose of our holiday scenario? Are you there to relax and to spend quality time with the people you love most? Or are you there to be proactive and see and do everything that’s on offer? The best way to solve this is to do what you love most and make sure that everyone is happy and getting to spend their holiday just the way they like it.

9. It's never long enough After all the above chaos, you would think holiday-goers would be ready to come back home. However, the reality is that holidays are never quite as long as you would like them to be, and you never quite want them to be over. Because when a holiday is over it means back to reality- work, emails and school and that’s hardly ever as fun as a holiday.

10. Coming home And so the coming home begins, this means the annoying holiday moments of the packing and the journey have to be relived all over again but without the excitement of an upcoming holiday.

From the creators of the hit BBC comedy series Outnumbered - WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY is a heart-warming, uplifting comedy for all the family. Something to enjoy while on holiday? a movie?

It's out now and the reviews are looking good. It's on my list of movies to watch.

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