Camping Tip of the week

Put items that you will need last at the bottom.  You won't be reaching for your pajamas mid hike. Along these lines, the bottom of your bag typically will contain fuel, a stove, sleeping bag, most of your clothing, and food supply

Heavy items should be at the center of your rucksack and closest to your back.  Reason? Extra weight on the outside adds pressure and tension against your shoulders, as does extra weight on the bottom.  When we carry children for example, we instinctively hold them close to the center of our body.  It's the same with a pack.  Your tent and main water supply are items that should fit close to the center of your spine.

Top (and Outside Pockets):
Place here any incidental you may need to reach in and grab.  This includes sunscreen, bug repellant, a trowel, toilet paper, torches (you don't always make camp before dark,) first aid kit, an extra jumper, hat and gloves (depending on the climate,) snacks, maps, a compass, sunglasses (if you're not wearing them.) Don't forget snacks for energy, a bottle of water, and a small bin bag in case you create rubbish along the way.

Extra Hints:
Place fragile items in the center surrounded by softer items.
Most of your cash can go in the center of your bag, hidden in clothes.  Thieves check outside compartments first, so avoid these pockets for precious stash.
Utilise a little of each compartment to prevent contents from shifting.

It seems so obvious but I'm dreadful at packing!

Used with kind permission of Outdoor Camping Direct  UK's Number One Outdoor & Camping Store
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