Small But Mighty Camping Light - Review

My favourite solar light company (you can tell a hippy camper when they have a favourite solar light company) has sent me a little Christmas gift!

The rather cute but extremely bright, SunJack. It's not a solar light by itself, it's a usb light, it looks like a traditional bulb and is very light (in weight!) it can be hung up. At first I wondered how I would use it - but I not only take solar camping, but some rechargeable power packs. They are handy on dull days when there is little sun, and can charge phones via USB. It turns out they can power the SunJack too!

To test it I didn't get the tent out, but I did try it on a dark night at home. DD helped to demonstrate the power of this tiny light.

It's a great little light and would be useful with a solar charger with a USB port too. Check out The Solar Light Company for some Christmas gift ideas for the camper in your life (or treat yourself!)

The SunJack® CampLight - the ultimate in portable lighting!  £9.95

It's bright and highly portable. Plug into your powerbank or laptop or any usb connection and off you go.  It lights the equivalent of a 40W incandescent light bulb so is easily bright enough to light a tent or a food preparation area and weighs almost nothing, ok thats not true but it only weighs 100g, roughly 100 Smarties®. 
When connected to the SunJack® Fast Charge Battery (8000mAh) it will light up for up to 20 hours. Amazing. So thats your lighting fixed. The long cable, an incredible 2.1m, allows you more freedom when placing it and it comes with an inbuilt hanger so you can hang it wherever you want.
The latest version only uses 2W of power and even comes with an on/off switch.  The materials used in the construction are top grade so the SunJack® CampLight is durable – shatter, shock, and vibration resistant. 
Main Features 
  • Super bright 8 LED USB light bulb
  • 340 lumens, equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb
  • 2.1m long USB cord
  • 270 degree beam angle
  • Powered by any USB source
  • On/Off Switch for easy use
  • Compatible with all USB wall plugs, USB powerbanks and laptops

 The SunJack retails at £9.95 but I was sent one free for the purpopses of this review
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