Dressing up for festivals

I love dressing up for festivals. As a teen I loved fancy dress parties, toga parties were a popular diversion when I was at school, tarts and vicars was another. I once held a garden party where everyone had to come in the national dress of a country and bring a plate of food (and some booze) from that country - all great fun.

As I got older the opportunities to dress up seemed to lessen, and while I plan on ballgowns and tiaras when I'm 80ish, in my 40s I fear it would either get me arrested or ensure that the teen and Dear Husband would disown me forever.

How lucky then for festivals! Festivals are well known for funky wellingtons, girls in short shorts wearing feathers and flower head bands, and for groups of young men in onesies. They often have a theme and a specific fancy dress day (not that you can't dress up every day!) and many people go to amazing lengths with their costumes.

This year I'm excited for the 'Wild' Theme at Camp Bestival

The usual mayhem and Fellini style glamour that is Wilderness

The new and exciting fun at Elderflowerfields Festival
( grab tickets with £10 off the ticket price with this code : ao24sm)

And the literary and sci fi festival Wadfest (theme this year - The Library)
So to give you an idea of what I wear at these events. Here are some costumes past...also starring DD

So if I'm dressing up (and making an arse of myself) this year, will you be too? What costume plans do you have? I have a Pinterest board with some ideas..

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  1. I love a good food festival, I'm gutted that I probably won't be able to dress up my festival at this moment..festivals in cyprus


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