A Day out at Plumpton College

Fairly near where  I live are several agricultural colleges. Plumpton recently had an open day and Dd and I went along to see what was on offer (and because they had food, crafts and a dog show!)

Once upon a time DD wanted to be a farmer, sadly she no longer does, but it was still a fun day out (despite the rain) and we enjoyed watching the sheep shearing and the carriage driving, as well as the birds of prey (I covet a Harris Hawk)

Heavy Horses

A youngster in training
 There were representatives from the South Downs National park too (one ranger had a particularly fine beard!)
Fake sheep

Harris hawks

Sheep Shearing

Sheep shearing
 And the terrier racing was just hilarious, mostly inexperienced dogs, some took to it straight away even nipping back to the box to be ready for the next race while some just looked confused! Brilliant to watch, enjoyable chaos.

I didn't take any pictures of the pigs though. They use rather intensive methods, farrowing crates (they looked awful) and dock the youngsters tails as they are kept indoors and so bite and fight. It was the only sad bit of the day, the pig sheds.

All in all it was a fun day, the food was great and Dd bought a new school bag. I wasn't aware that the college taught so many courses either!

Find out more about them at their website http://www.plumpton.ac.uk/
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