Outdoor Food on Friday - 26th June 2015

Welcome once again to the thought of food! Yes it's Outdoor eating time! If you are around and not at Glastonbury I hope you've managed to blog an outdoor eating experience or a recipe that would work well as outdoor or camping food.

Please link up below, grab the badge and comment on one or two of the other linked blogs. Thanks.

If you haven't a blog post to link up I'd still love a comment and maybe you could share the link?

The fact that so many festival types will be at Glastonbury this week made me think of the fabulous food we ate when we were there. Fond memories of pulled pork baps in the rain, eaten sheltering by the sausage van. Fishfinger sandwiches in the sunshine, soup from the Soup Library, a welcome return to the Strumpets with Crumpets and of course cake and pies! Where ever you've been eating I hope it was memorable.

The Soup Library

Strumpets with Crumpets

See you next week! Bring your own serviettes.

Outdoor Food on Friday


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