Festivals as a summer holiday?

It seems that what was once the destination for young late-night music lovers has grown up! British festivals are now becoming a hot spot for families, (maybe as those once young ravers just refuse to give up), fast overtaking the traditional summer holiday, according to new research carried out by ticketing agent Skiddle.

Their survey of over 1,000 Brits revealed that 68% of respondents had either taken their child to a festival or knew someone who had, while 53% had been to a festival with their parents or knew someone who had. As you know I take DD to several festivals a year and I have met lots of other families that do the same, there are more and more festivals that include 'kids fields' that are more like the old holiday camps than a music festival!

Nearly half (44%) of respondents stated that they attend festivals for a new experience, with 48% attending because family and friends are going, or as a break from work and everyday life - similar to the reasons many people go on a summer holiday. I personally go for the relaxing, the sleeping on the grass while listening to music, and the lack of judgemental looks when you have wine with your breakfast.

With hundreds of family friendly festivals now taking place in the UK, many families are now choosing to frolic in muddy fields, rather than on a sunny beach abroad. And not all of those fields are as muddy as you'd imagine, some years I am sun-kissed after only 4 days away.

Ben Sebborn, co-founder and technical director at Skiddle said: “The UK is renowned for its buzzing festival scene and it’s great to see more families attending the festivals and sharing a life affirming experience with their loved ones. There are plenty of family friendly festivals available throughout the UK, with family-specific camping areas and lots of activities created specifically for children to enjoy."

Skiddle's childproof festival checklist:
  • Ear defenders – to avoid any sore ears from loud noises;
  • Head torch – great for changing nappies in the dark;
  • Wet wipes – every festival goers' staple; particularly those with children;
  • Wellies and waterproofs – we do live in the UK after all;
  • Sunhats and sun cream – as above!

See more of my blog for tips and festival ideas for you and your little ones.And don't forget that you could tag a camping trip to one end of a festival to make it a proper fortnight away. Some festivals are in lovely areas of the country and some extra days camping can give you time to explore the region.

And check out the infographic by Skiddle for more festival facts


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